Literary & Literary-critical Journals

This page offers issue-by-issue details of sundry Irish studies journals including cover-images and tables of contents of the main players at full-series extent up to 2004. (Several lesser known and older journals are covered in less detail at the moment.)

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Irish Literary-Critical Journals Record Types
The Irish University Review Issues 1970-2003
see also ... Special Poems Issue - 2009
Éire-Ireland A Journal of Irish Studies Issues 1968-2000
The Irish Review [n.s] Full series to 1997
Irish Studies Review
Continuous 1998-2000
New Hibernia Review/Iris Eireannach Nua Issues 1997-2001
Canadian Journal of Irish Studies Index for 1975-1999
The Crane Bag Book of Irish Studies Table of Contents
Bullan: A Journal of Irish Studies Issues of 1997-1998
Irish Historical Studies Single Issue in 1998
Journal of Irish Studies (IASIL-Japan) Single Issue in 2002

Irish Literary Journals Record types
The Dublin Magazine
Short series only
The Dublin Review Issues 4-7 only
The Dubliner Issue for July-Aug. 1962
Envoy Issue for April 1951 [Joyce Special]
Honest Ulsterman
Issue 1 (1968); Table of Contents
Metre Several Issues 6-11

Special Irish Issues (Sundry Journals) Record types
Agenda, 33, 3-4 (1996)
Brief note on contents
Colby Library Quarterly [1989-95]

List of Irish issues

Cycnos Irish issue (Juin 1993)
The Comparatist (1996) Irish issue (May 1996)
Jouvert: Journal of Postcolonial Studies Irish issue (Fall 1999)
Nineteenth-century Fiction Irish contents (1970-1994)
Religion and Literature
Irish issue (Summer 1998)
Studies in the Literary Imagination Irish Issue (Fall 1997)

Note: The Irish Book Lover (1909-1957), together with Irish Emigrant and Read Ireland are to be found in the Library region under Journals [infra]
Shortcuts: Irish Book Lover; The Irish Emigrant; Read Ireland

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