Studies in the Literary Imagination (Fall 1997), "The Schoolroom in Modern Irish Literature and Culture" [Special Issue, ed. Rand Brandes] XXX, 2 (Fall 1997).

[Edited at Department of English, Georgia State University].

  • Rand Brandes [ed.,] Introduction [I];
  • Seamus Heaney, ‘Further Language’ [7];
  • John Rickard, ‘Stephen Dedalus Among School Children: The Schoolroom and the Riddle of Authority in Ulysses’ [17];
  • Rand Brandes [interview], ‘A Dialogue with Medbh McGuckian’, Winter 1996-1997’ [37];
  • Richard Bizot, ‘Mastering the Colonizer’s Tongue: Yeats, Joyce, and Their Successors in the Irish Schoolroom’ [63];
  • Christopher Connell, ‘Desire in The Classroom: The Lessons of Parnell’ [77];
  • Joan Newmann, ‘Those Who Can, Write, and Those Who Can Write, Teach’ [95];
  • Margaret Mills Harper , ‘The Authoritative Image: “Among School Children” and Italian Education Reform’ [105]
  • Declan Kiberd, ‘English in an Irish Frame’ [119].

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