Irish Historical Studies, Vol XXXI, No. 122 (Nov. 1998)

Mario A. Sughi, The appointment of Octavian de Palatio as archbishop of Armagh, 1477-8; Eoin F. Magennis, A 'Presbyterian insurrection'? Reconsidering the Hearts of Oak disturbances of July 1763; James Quinn, The United Irishmen and social reform'; G. K. Peatling, Who fears to speak of politics?'; Patrick Maume, Nationalism and partition: the political thought of Arthur Clery'; John D. Fair, 'Selected Documents: Letters of mourning from Katharine O'Shea Parnell to Delia Tudor Stewart Parnell'; Dermot Morgan [review art.], Expounding Eriugena [Jeauneau, ed., Periphyseon and Contreni, &c.]; Niall Ó Ciosainn [review art.], Round towers and square holes: exotocism in Irish culture [critique of Joep Leerssen Mere irish & Fíor Ghael, and Remembrance]; works reviewed incl. Gillespie, Devoted people; Meigs, The Reformations in Ireland; Donald Akenson, Montserrat; W. J. McCormack, The Pamphlet debate on the union, 1797-1800; Patrick Maume, D. P. Moran; Maria Luddy, Hanna Sheehy Skeffington; Bowler & Whyte, eds., Science and Society in Ireland; Robertson, The Tenant League of Prince Edward Island, 1864-1867. [Summaries supplied by Patrick O'sullivan, Diaspora Research Centre List, Bradford; e-list.]

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