The Honest Ulsterman (1968- )

The Honest Ulsterman: Monthly Handbook for a Revolution., ed. James Simmons, Number 1 (May 1968). CONTENTS, Editorial [2]; Stevie Smith, ‘A Soldier Dear To Us’ [7]; Brendan Kennelly, ‘ The Stones’ [9], and ‘A Man in Yellow Oilskin’ [10]; John D. Stewart, ‘Let Us Be Human’ [11]; John Hewitt, ‘From the Tibetan’ [14]; Derek Mahon, ‘Dying Art, Ecclesiastes’ [15]; John Hearsum, ‘The Running Of Things’ [16]; W. Price Turner, ‘Full Supporting Programme’ [18]; Michael Stephens, ‘Five Poems’ [19]. Interview with Roger McGough [23]; James Simmons, ‘After Donald Davie’ [25]; Michael Stephens, ‘Drugs v. Drink’ [26]; Peter Lewis, A Tale of a Turd’ [28]; [q. auth.,] Mary O’Malley and the Lyric Players Theatre [31]; James Simmons, The Use of History [36]; W. Price Turner. ‘Procrastination’ [38]. Reviews Louis McNeice [39]; Gavin Ewart, ‘Epitaph’ [43]; James Simmons, ‘New Song’ [44], and ‘Thoughts for the Month’ [45]; Gavin Ewart, ‘ Y.M.C.A.’ [46]; James Simmons, ‘Irish Atheist’; Two In The Cafeteria’ [47], ‘Drawing’ by Colin Middleton; Price: 3/- 60 cents; Manuscripts to the Editor, The Honest Ulsterman, Main St., Castlerock, accompanied by stamped addressed envelope. Advertising: 13 per page; 7 half page; 4 quarter page. Payment on publication. The photograph of the Antrim Round Tower is from the library of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. Fabel [sic] & Faber Ltd. lent us the photograph of Louis McNeice. Circulation: Michael Stephens. Advertising: Patrick Boyce. Printed by REGENCY PRESS, BELFAST.

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