Religion and Literature [Irish Issue; ed., Willa Murphy (Summer 1998).

Edited at University of Notre Dame

  • Willa Murphy, ‘Introduction’.
  • Tom Duddy, ‘Derrida and the Druids: Writing, Lore, and Power in Early Celtic Society’.
  • Terry Eagleton, ‘The Irish Sublime’.
  • Tadgh Ó Dushlaine, ‘Going for Baroque: The Irish Spiritual Reformation 1600- 1800’.
  • Joseph Spence, ‘Allegories for a Protestant Nation: Irish Tory Historical Fiction, 1820- 1850’.
  • W. J. Mc Cormack, ‘The ‘Plymouth’ Brethren? Prolegomena to the Re-writing of J. M. Synge’s Biography’;
  • Robert Welch, ‘Sacrament and Significance: Some Reflections on Religion and the Irish’.
  • Norman Vance, ‘Catholic and Protestant Literary Visions of ‘Ulster’: Now You See It, Now You Don’t’.
  • Eamonn Hughes, ‘‘Town of Shadows’: Representations of Belfast in Recent Fiction’.
  • Anne McCartney, ‘‘The Impact of Reality’: Francis Stuart’s Narrative Theology’.
Creative writing by David Wheatley, Theo Dorgan, Sinead Morrissey, Eva Bourke, Aine Miller, Alan Titley, and Bernard O’Donoghue.

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