Journal of Irish Studies (IASIL-Japan)

Journal of Irish Studies (2002) [ to be continued ]

Journal of Irish Studies (2002) - Contents:
Antonia Logue, ‘Chapter Excerpt from Drawing Dead’ [7]; Eileen Kato, ‘Sakurajima’ [14]; Mitsuko Ohno, ‘Hokusai, Basho, Zen and More: Japanese Influences on Irish Poets’ [15; based on questionnaire-interviews with Irish poets on Japan interest/influence]; Cathal Ó Searcaigh, ‘The Tree Speaks’ [32]; Naoko Toraiwa, ‘Translation as an Exit: Medbh McGuckian’s On Ballycastle Beach’ [34]; Joseph Woods, ‘Corporate Inc.’ [48]; Jefferson Holdridge, ‘Night-Rule: Decadence and Sublimity in Derek Mahon from The Yellow Book to the ‘Italian Poems’ [50]; David Wheatley, ‘Two Poems’ [“Ariadne”, “Macaw” 70]; Christopher Murray, ‘‘‘The Choice of Lives”: O’Casey versus Synge’ [72]; Nessa O'Mahony, ‘St Lazarian’s Holy Well, Old Leighlin’ [88]; S. E. Gontarski, ‘Beckett and Performance’ [89]; Gerald Dawe, ‘Two Poems’ [“Dolphins”, “L’entre deux guerres” 98]; Junko Matoba, ‘Samuel Beckett’s Busy Vacuum: Yohaku in the Late Short Plays’ [101]; Yosholo Tajiri, ‘Beckett and Haniya Yutaka: Two Versions of the Ontological Enquiry’ [109]; Nigel McLoughlin, ‘High Water’ [116]; Linda Wong, ‘Salomé in Chinese Dress: Guo Moruo’s Three Rebellious Women [118]; Michael O’Siadhail, ‘Shoah’ [126]; Eileen Kato, ‘For the Birds’ [128]; Masaya Shimokusu, ‘Medical Curiosities in Joyce's Nighttown’ [141]; Kumiko Yamada, ‘Yasushi Tanaka and Joyce's Encounters with Japan in Paris’ [151]; Anthony Bilton, ‘The Old Man Prophesies’ [162]; Tom French, ‘Play’ [164]. Book Reviews [105]; IASIL Japan Bibliography [170]; Contributors [173]; Notes on Contributors [180].