Jouvert: Journal of Postcolonial Studies, ‘Ireland 2000’ [Special Irish Issue, ed. Maria Pramaggiore], 4, 1 (Fall 1999)

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  • Richard Haslam, ‘“A Race Bashed in the Face”: Imagining Ireland as a Damaged Child’;
  • Eugene O’Brien, ‘Alternate Irelands: Emigration and the Epistemology of Irish Identity’;
  • Lauren Onkey, ‘“A Melée and a Curtain”: Black-Irish Relations in Ned Harrigan’s The Mulligan Guard Ball;
  • Mike Cronin, ‘Ignoring Postcolonialism:The Gaelic Athletic Association and the Language of the Colony’;
  • Catherine Wynne, ‘Mollies, Fenians and Arthur Conan Doyle’;
  • James Morrison, ‘Hitchcock’s Ireland: The Performance of Irish Identity in Juno and the Paycock and Under Capricorn’;
  • Michael Malouf, ‘Forging the Nation: James Joyce and The Celtic Tiger’ [see extract under Joyce [supra] and Conor Cruise O’Brien [supra];
  • Pat O’Connor, ‘Ireland: A Country for Women?’;
  • Stanley Orr, ‘Genres and Geographies: Cultural Decolonization in Mike Newell’s Into the West.’
  • The Irish Interest Group [Univ. of Texas], “Sinn Féin and the Educative Process: An Interview with Daisy Mules’
  • Susan Shaw Sailer, ‘Translating Tradition: An Interview with Declan Kiberd’ [attached]
Books reviewed
  • Jude R. Meche, ‘Wherever Green is Torn …’;
  • Kelli Maloy, Sexual Politics and the “New Order”;
  • Richard Rankin Russell, Fiction and the Changing Ireland;
  • Eileen O’Halloran, Reading “Otherwise” Theorizing the Place of Politics and Gender in Joyce.
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