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Epiphanies [1902]
“Portrait” Essay (1904)
Stephen Hero (1944)
Chamber Music (1907)
Dubliners (1914)
A Portrait [...] (1916)
Giacomo Joyce (1968)
Exiles (1919)
Ulysses (1922)
Finnegans Wake (1939)
Critical Writings (1959)
Joyce Papers (NLI)
“The Day of the Rabblement” (1901)
“The Holy Office” (1905)
Notes on various stories in Dubliners and chapters Ulysses are filed here under the general headings of those works respectively - with occasionally links to particular items at other locations on this website.

“The Sisters”
“After the Race”
“The Two Gallants”
“The Boarding House”
“A Painful Case”
“Ivy Day in the Committee Room”
“A Mother”
“The Dead” ...
[ See also Chronology of Works - as attached ]
“Scylla & Charybdis”
“Oxen of the Sun”
Finnegans Wake
1st Draft of FW [1923]
FW - “The Hen” [first draft]
The Tunc page of FW
Latin me that! ... (FW)
Scribbledehobble (1961)
Sigla of Finnegans Wake
Finnegans Wake Notebooks
Critical Writings (ed. S. Joyce)

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Literary Figures
Ancient & Renaissance
Aristotle (Stagyrite)
Saint Augustine
Scotus Erigena
St. Patrick
St. Thomas Aquinas
St. John Chrysostom
Sir Thomas Browne
Joachim Abbas [of Flora]
Jacopone da Toda
Dante Alighieri
Nicolas of Cusa
Giambattista Vico
Neo-classical & Romantic
J-W. von Goethe
Samuel Johnson
Percy Bysshe Shelley
Thomas de Quincey
Thomas Moore
Caesar Otway
W. M. Thackeray
Ralph Waldo Emerson
John Mitchel
Gustave Flaubert
J. H. Newman
Benedetto Croce
Hugh Miller
Henrik Ibsen
Cesare Lombroso
Modern & contemporary
Sigmund Freud
Benedetto Croce
Edgar Quinet
Walter Pater
Edouard Dujardin
Oscar Wilde
George Meredith
Mme Blavatsky
William Archer
Alice Stopford Green
Somerville & Ross
John Todhunter
William James
Valery Larbaud
Carl G. Jung
Wyndham Lewis
Arnold Schoenberg
Takaoki Katta
Extended Treatment

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Joyce’s People
Irish Figures
Emma Clery [E.C.]
May Joyce
Josephine Murray
Nora Joyce
Lucia Joyce
Stephen Joyce
Alfred Hunter
Fr. John Conmee
Fr. Charles Ghezzi
John Henry Alleyn
Henry Blackwood Price
James Fitzharris
George Clancy
Michael Lennon
Alfred Bergin
Hugh Kennedy
Vladimir Dixon
John Eglinton
Monk Gibbon
Caitlin Murphy
Albert Altman
Joe O’Connor
International Figures
Ezra Pound
John Quinn
Sylvia Beach
John Slocum
Herbert Gorman
Harriet Weaver
John Cage
Herbert Hughes
Harry Levin
Cyril Connolly
Hans Walter Gèbler
Gisèle Freud
Berenice Abbott
James Baldwin
J. F. Kennedy
Adaline Glasheen
Terry Eagleton
Franco Moretti
John Berryman

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Sundry Remarks
Clongowes Wood
Carysfort Avenue
Christmas dinner
UCD/Royal Univ.
15 Usher’s Island
7, Eccles Street
Epiphany (liturgy)
Epiphany (now)
Trojan letters
Lodgers in Zurich
Type of our race
First copy of Ulysses
Ben Bloom Elijah
Film of Ulysses
Union Jacks
“Finnegan’s Wake”
Cad with a Pipe
Black men
Irish Racing World
Ulysses in Nighttown
Librarian’s-eye view
Jim the Penman
Molly’s songs
Gordon Bennett Race
And more ...
Irish Catechism [1917]
Bloom’s library
Joyce’s family portraits
“No Joyceans, please ...”
Joyce’s encyclopaedias
Volta Cinema (Mary St.)
The Invincibles
Hill St. Church (Eccles)
‘that other wor(l)d’
Elias [...]?
Joyce’s work-wear
Ireland’s €10
The Volta Cinema
Price of Ulysses

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