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So much Irish textual material is available on internet today that it seems to me a census, not a Gateway, “hub” or portal is now needed! When examining this page, please be sure to scroll down to the main listings which sit below the first visible links - being the ones that have recently grabbed my enthusiastic attention. [BS]

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Dictionary of Irish Biography (RIA 2006) - Blogspot [online]

Gutenberg Joyce

Darly Lundy’s [online]

Irish Society for Theatre Research/ Cumann Taighde Amharclannaíochta na hÉireann [online]

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… spans sixteen centuries, authors, movements, genres, folklore, historical, religious and cultural topics and events. - 1,000s of Free Books
[ produced by David Widger ]

Irish Virtual Research Library & Archive
WWW.Library Ireland
RTÉ Sight & Sound Archives (Online)

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[ The standard publishers’ organ for notices and reviews of new works plus an annual listing of all Irish-related publications ]
[ A magnificent e-shop and Irish stockist with monthly online of new publications in all genres plus and free email eBookReview ]

“The Poets’ Corner” at The Other Pages
or see Irish poets only edited copy - offline

Irish Authors and some others with Irish connections ...

Arnold, Matthew
Birmingham, George A.
Carlyle, Thomas
Dunsany, Lord
Edgeworth, Maria
Hearn, Lafcadio
Joyce, James
Lynd, Robert
Moore, George Augustus
Moore, Thomas

O’Brien, Fitzjames
Shaw, George Bernard
Spenser, Edmund
Steele, Richard
Stephens, James
Swift, Jonathan
Synge, J. M.
Trollope, Anthony
Wilde, Oscar
Yeats, William Butler

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Bio-bibliographical resources
Contemporary Postcolonial Literature
Bibliofemme: An Irish Bookclub
British Council / Contemporary Writers
British Fiction Database (incl. Anglo-Irish)
Contemporary Writers (BBC)
Doolee - Plays since 1956
English Novels 1830-36 (CEIR Cardiff)
Irish Diaspora Net & Archive
Imperial Archive QUB (PoCo)
Irish Film Online (TCD)
Irish Oracle (incls. Persons & Place-names)
Irish Reader Site (Irish Publishers)
Irish Society for Theatre Research
Irish Literary Dictionaries (Greenwood)
Kenny’s Irish Interest Database
Leaving Cert English Page
Literary Resources on the Net (Rutgers)
Looksmart Article Finder
Notable Names Database Weblog
Novel Guide (Discover)
Rapidmultimedia Irish Books (Annual)
R. Nink’s Irish Reading List (Mannheim U.)
Spark Notes for Literature
Sources on Irish Emigration (UCC)
Theatre History / Irish
Utopian Literature: An Annotated Bibliography from 1516 to the Present
Victorian Plays & Playwrights
Voice of the Shuttle (Academic links)
Voice of the Shuttle/Critical Theory (UCSB)
Biographies & Book Reviews
Irish Writers Online (Philip Casey) & Blog
Fantastic Fiction (6,000 Bibliographies)
Kirkus Reviews (online)
Mostly Fiction Book Reviews
RTE Millenium People (Boylan, et al.)
Wikipedia Irish Writers
Why not try this? The Word on the Street (NLS Ballads Site)
Dictionaries & reference works
All-Ref Encyclopedia: Ireland
An Focloir Beag/Little Irish Dictionary
Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations (1901)
BBC Dictionary of Historical Figures
Catholic Encyclopaedia (US)
Encyclopaedia Britannica Online
The Year’s Work in English Studies (2008)
Free Encyclopedia Dictionary
Gaelic-Irish Dictionaries Online
Justin McCarthy, gen. ed., Irish Literature (1904)
A Hiberno-English Archive
Literary Encyclopedia & Database
MSN Encarta (Irish Literature)
Pegasos: Author Calendar [A-Z]
Theatre Database [authors by centuries]
Online Etymological Dictionary
Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia
Wordiq (Dictionary, Encyclopedia, &c.)
Webb’s Compendium of Irish Biography (1878)
Why not try this? … Hiberno-English Website
Whole-text digital archives
Ask about Ireland - Digital Collection
Alex Catalogue: All-text Gopher
Bartleby: Great Books Online
Bibliomania Literature Online
California Digital Library - Escholarship
CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts
Centre for Electronic Texts in the Humanities
Chadwyck-Healey Lit. OnLine (LION)
COMET: Computerised English Texts
DMOZ Open Direct Project (Irish Texts)
Gutenberg Project - Digitised Texts
The Literature Network (Jalic LLC)
Irish Lit. Sources
Michael Sundermeier)
World of Quotes
ReadPrint (8,000- Books online)
Read Books Online - Authors
Jack Lynch, Literary Resources on Internet
Irish Scripts on Screen (DIAS)
Graeco-Roman Classics (MIT)
Internet Poetry Archive (N. Caroline U.)
Online college courses - Digi-text links
Oxford Text Archive (OTA) & Guide to ET
Norton Anthology of English Literature
Perseus Digital Library (Tufts U.)
Poem Hunter (6,062 poets)
“The Poets’ Corner” at The Other Pages
Questia: World’s Largest Online Library
USC Electronic Books
Toronto Poetry Database (“The Poets”)
Virginia Electronic Text Centre
Electronic Text Centre (Virginia)
The Well - Poetry Database
Cambridge Hist. of Eng. & Am. Lit. (Bartleby) - Book Community
University of California E-Press Catalogue
Women writers - special collections
Victorian Women Writers Project
Orlando Project: Women’s Writing
Alexander St. Press
Celebration of Women Writers (Penn U.)
Celebration of Women Writers (Irish Page)
Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period
Named Library Projects
Indiana Library / Digital Library Program NYPL Digital
Why not try this? … High Beam Research [article database]
Bibliographical Portals & Search Engines
ALibris: Hard-to-Find Books
British Library of Pol. & Econ. Science (BIDS/IBSS)
CompuSci & English Initiative (COSEI/UCD)
Annotated Bibl. for English Studies
Archives around the World
Assorted English-studies links
British Academy Portal
British National Bibliography
CCUE Links & Databases
Emory University’s Irish Literature Portal
Find Articles [Network]
Local Ireland/Irish Literature
RASCAL (Research Collections in N.I.)
University of Ulster Electronic Gateway
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Irish Diaspora Net & Archive

Digitised Anthologies
Irish Culture & Customs [incls. anthology]
The Irish Poetry Page (ed. Dagmar Müller)

Lyra Celtic, ed. E A. & William Sharp (1896)
Medieval Irish Poetry (ed. Maureen O’Brien)
O’Hara’s Ireland Home Page/Poetry

Steve Taylor’s Táin Bó pages at Vassar
Genealogical Websites
Genealogy Com (Genforum)  

Gutenberg Joyce
The works of James Joyce are available from Gutenberg Project [link] being delivered by Col Choat (Adelaide Univ., Australia). These are characterised as “not copyright in US” and supplied with the proviso, “check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook”.

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