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Diaspora Museums and Related Centres of Irish Population Studies
The Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester
The Dunbrody (Waterford)
The Jeanie Johnston
Ulster-American Folk Park
Museum of Irish-American History (Washington, DC)
Irish-American Heritage Museum (Catskills, New York)
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Ireland & United Kingdom (Great Britain & Northern Ireland)
Academy for Irish Cultural Heritages
AHRB Research Centre for Irish & Scottish Studies
Celtic Studies at York & Leeds
Centre for Neo-Latin Resources (UUC)
Centre for Irish Studies (St Mary’s College, London)
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Celtic School
Dalarna Univ. Centre for Irish Studies (DUCIS)
18th-Century Ireland Society
Gaelport: Comhdháil Náisiúnta na Gaeilge
Initiative in Conflict Resolution & Ethnicity (INCORE)
Institute of Irish Studies (QUB)
Irish Seminar at Institute of English Studies (London U.)
Institute of Irish Studies (Liverpool)
Institute for British-Irish Studies (UCD)
Irish Centre for Migration Studies
Irish Diaspora Research Unit (Bradford) & Supplement
Irish Genealogical Society
Irish Pen (United Arts Club, Dublin)
Irish Writers’ Centre (Dublin)
Irish Linguistics Institute
Munster Literature Centre
Research Institute for Irish & Scottish Studies
Royal Irish Academy (Dublin)
Ulster Historical Foundation (genealogies)
Women on Ireland Research Network
Women’s Ed., Research & Resources Centre (WERCC)
Why not try this? Royal Irish Academy Members (2004)
North America (USA & Canada)
American Conference of Irish Studies (ACIS)
Boston College Irish Studies Program
Bucknell University Irish Studies Program
The Canadian Association of Irish Studies (CAIS)
Celtic Studies at UCLA
Centre for Irish Studies at St. Thomas’s University
CUA Centre for Irish Studies (Washington, DC)
Emory University’s Irish Literature Portal
Glucksman Ireland House (NYU)
Irish-American Cultural Institute
Irish and Irish Immigration Studies (Carbondale)
Irish Studies at Concordia University & St. Patrick’s Society of Montreal
Irish Studies Program, New College, California
Univ. of Massachusetts, Boston (Irish Studies)
Keough Institute of Notre Dame Univ. (NDU)
US Navy Academy: Ireland’s Literary Voice
Villanova University (Irish Studies Program)
Why not try this? US Navy Academy: Ireland’s Literary Voice
International (European)
European Society for English Studies
International Association for Study of Irish Literatures (IASIL)
Anglo-Irish Theatre Group (Tubingen)
Centre d’Études Irlandaises de Rennes 2
Nordic Irish Studies Network (NISN)
European Federation of Associations & Centres of Irish Studies (EFACIS)
Princess Irish Library (Monaco)
Société Française d’études Irlandaises (SOFEIR)
Spanish Association for Irish Studies (Burgos)
International (South America & Pacific)
Associação Brasileira de Estudos Irlandeses [ABEI ]
Murdoch U. Centre for Irish Studies (Australia)
Why not try this? Associação Brasileira de Estudos Irlandeses [ABEI ]

Distance Learning (E-Universities)
Oscail (Dublin City University) Campus One (University of Ulster)

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