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Philip Casey’s Contemporary Irish Writers’ Sites &Links
Dictionary of Irish Biography (RIA 2009)

W. B. Yeats
Yeats Society Sligo Home Page
The Poetry of Yeats
Yeats’s Coll. Poems at California State
W. B. Yeats Theatre
Joseph S. O’Leary
William Butler Yeats
W. B. Yeats Society of NY
W. B. Yeats Theatre
Neil Mann - A Vision
Enrico Reggiani’s W. B. Yeats Wordpress
James Joyce
Whitewolf Linux Repositories [Joyce’s works from Dubliners to Finnegans Wake ]
Collection in Progress (Art Images)
3 Quarks Daily - A Kind of Joyce Blog
James Joyce - The Brazen Head
James Joyce Centre, Dublin
James Joyce Foundation (Zurich)
2Street Joyce Portal (form. Callanan)
Michael Groden: Joyce on Internet
Finnegans Web [all the texts]
Gerry Carlin & Mair Evans: Ulysses Notes
Bill Cadbury’s Finnegans Wake
In Bloom: James Joyce [now]
The Haunted Inkbottle
Mantex Notes on Joyce (Manchester)
Michael Henson’s “Joyce Country”
“Hunger” Spoof Guide to Joyce’s Ulysses
James Joyce Collection (NYSU, Buffalo)
James Joyce Web-page by Charles Cave
Music in the Works of James Joyce
Joyce Genetic Studies Online

Joyce & Modern Science
Prague James Joyce Centre
Rutgers: James Joyce Text Machine
Brandon Kreshner’s Portrait Page
Antwerp James Joyce Centre
James Joyce Summer School (Trieste)
James Joyce Webring
J. J. Wilson Co. World Authors: Joyce
John Barger’s Joyce Portal (Robotwisdom)
TextArc’s interpretation of A Portrait
Wikipedia: James Joyce
Schemata of Ulysses (Bernard Moxham)
Hypermedia James Joyce Studies (Prague)
James Joyce Broadsheet (Leeds)
Adaline Glasheen, Third Census (Wisconsin U.)
James Joyce Checklist (Tulsa Univ.)
Music in the Works of James Joyce

Why not try this? ... Laura O’Connor, “James Joyce Uysses” (UCI / Course 23436)
Samuel Beckett
Journal of Beckett Studies
Samuel Beckett Society
Samuel Beckett On-Line Resources
Bohemian Ink's Beckett Page
Seamus Heaney
Internet Poetry Archive (N Carolina U)
BTL Interviews with Poets
Pegasos (Finland) Heaney Page
Jonathan Swift
18th Century Studies at CMU Annual Symposium at St. Patrick’s
Sundry authors
J. P. Donleavy
Desmond Fennell
Gerald Griffin (Collegians)
John Hewitt
G. M. Hopkins
Tom MacGreevy
Desmond Egan
Bob Geldof
James Hanley
Emily Lawless (Grania)
Frank O’Connor Research Website
Jamie O’Neill
Basil Payne
Bram Stoker
Colm Toibin
Una Troy
Oscar Wilde
Marshall McLuhan
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