Irish Literary Classics

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Irish Literary Classics

Chief Authors
William Allingham
Samuel Beckett
George Birmingham
Edmund Burke
William Carleton
T. Crofton Croker
Maria Edgeworth
Augusta Gregory
Oliver Goldsmith
Gerald Griffin
Samuel Ferguson
Douglas Hyde
James Joyce
Patrick Kavanagh
Geoffrey Keating
Benedict Kiely
J. S. Le Fanu
Thomas McCarthy
Charles McGlinchey
Louis MacNeice
Charles Macklin
C. R. Maturin
J. C. Mangan
John Mitchel
George Moore
Thomas Moore
Flann O’Brien
Seamus O’Kelly
Kate O’Brien
Liam O’Flaherty
Sydney Owenson
St. Patrick
George Russell
G. B. Shaw
Somerville & Ross
Edmund Spenser
Henry de Stacpoole
James Stephens
Richard Stanihurst
James Stephens
Bram Stoker
Jonathan Swift
J. M. Synge
Th. Wolfe Tone
Oscar Wilde
W. B. Yeats
Texts and extracts from numerous authors other than those above are available under “Irish Writers” [infra]. Online links to internet version of texts by Irish authors are also collated at RICORSO Gateway > “Individual Authors” [infra]

W. B. Yeats
Poems, Plays, Fiction, and Critical Writings pass
James Joyce
Fiction, Poetry and Critical Writings pass

Table of Contents
William Allingham Sixteen Poems Selected by W. B. Yeats (1905)
Samuel Beckett
First Love (written 1945)
Endgame (1258)
Not I (1972)
“The Capital of the Ruins” (1946)
Worstword Ho (1983)
George Birmingham
Barrington’s Recollections (1918 Edn.) - Intro.
Spanish Gold (1908)
Edmund Burke
  “Address to the British Colonists in North America” (1777)
  Mr. Burke’s Speech at the Guildhall, in Bristol (1780)
  “Letter to Sir Hercules Langrishe on [...] Catholics of Ireland” (1792)
Private Letters
Letter to the Duke of Portland, September 14, 1794
Letter to the Rev. Dr. Hussey, February 4, 1795
Letter to Rev. Dr. Hussey, May 18, 1795
Letter to Thomas Keogh, Esq., November 17, 1796
Letter to the Rev. Dr. Hussey, Dec. 1796
Letter to the Right Hon. Wm. Windham, March 30, 1796
Letter to Dr. Laurence June 5, 1797
Major works
  Reflections on the Revolution in France (1790)
Letters, Speeches, and Tracts on Irish Affairs, ed. M. Arnold (1881)
  Preface by Matthew Arnold & Table of Contents
  Tracts Relative to the Laws Against Popery (1763)
William Carleton
—from Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry (1830, & edns.)*
  Introduction (1843 Edn.)
“Ned M’Keown”
“The Three Tasks”
“Shan Fadh’s Wedding”
“The Battle of the Factions”
“Lough Derg Pilgrim”
“The Hedgeschool”
“Wildgoose Lodge”
*chiefly taken from Colliers 1881 Edn. (NY 1881) - via Gutenberg.
Various collections
  “Death of a Devotee”
“Condy Cullen and the Gauger”
“The Fate of Frank M’Kenna”
Fardorougha the Miser; or, The Convicts of Lishnamona (1839)

Note: Several prefaces of other works and longer extracts from the Autobiography, &c., are to be found under Carleton in the “Authors A-Z” region of this website.

T. Crofton Croker Researches in the South of Ireland (1824)
Adventures of Barney Mahoney [actually by Mrs. Croker] (1832)
Notes on Letters of Thomas Moore to .. James Power (1854)
Maria Edgeworth
Castle Rackrent (1800)
“The Limerick Gloves” (in Popular Tales, 1804)
Lady Gregory
—from Gods and Fighting Men (1904)
  The Fight with the Firbolgs Lugh of the Long Hand
  Fate of the Children of Lir Oisin & St Patrick
  Notes [Apology, &c.]
Gerald Griffin The Collegians, or A Tale of Garryowen (1829; 1918 Edn.)
Oliver Goldsmith “The Deserted Village” (1770)
The Vicar of Wakefield (1776)
Samuel Ferguson “Head and Heart of an Irish Protestant” (DUM 1833)
Seamus Heaney A Selection of the Poems (1/2) - for seminar teaching
Douglas Hyde “The Necessity for De-Anglicising Ireland” (1892)
Patrick Kavanagh
The Great Hunger (1942) Self-Portrait (1962)
Geoffrey Keating [Foras Feasa Ar Éirinn] (1902 Edn.)
Benedict Kiely Drink to the Bird (1991)
J. S. Le Fanu
Carmilla (1857)
Uncle Silas (1864)
“Madam Crowl’s Ghost” (1870)
“Green Tea” (1871)
George Farquhar The Beaux-Stratagem (1707)
Thomas McCarthy
  “The Dying Synagogue at South Terrace”, and “Moonlight Cooler, 1948”
“State Funeral”,“Mr Nabokov’s Memory” and “Persephone, 1978”
  ‘Why I Write’
John McGahern Amongst Women (1990)
Charles McGlinchey “The Fair at Pollan”, in The Last of the Name (1986) [Chap.7]
Louis MacNeice
‘Three Poems’
[“The Streets of Laredo”, “Slum Song” and “Carrick Revisited”]
‘Two Poems’
[“Schizophrene”, “Prayer Before Birth”]
‘Five War Poems’
[“Brother Fire”, “Whit Monday”, “Neutrality”, “Nostalgia”, “The Springboard”]

Note: The poems are taken from issues of The Penguin New Writing (ed. John Lehmann) in issues of 1942, 1944 and 1946.

Charles Macklin The True-born Irishman; or, Irish Fine Lady (1762)
Deirdre Madden One by One in the Darkness (1996)
J. C. Mangan
A selection of his poems …
  “A Vision of Connaught
   in the 13th Century”
“My Dark Rosaleen”
“The Nameless One”
“Lament for … Tirconnell”
“Hussey’s Ode to the
  “Gone in the Wind”
“The Lover’s Farewell”
“The Woman of the Three
“And Then No More”
Also ...
C. R. Maturin Melmoth the Wanderer (1820)
“Leixlip Castle” (1825)
John Mitchel Jail Journal [1854] (Dublin: Gill 1913) - “Introductory”
George Moore
Confessions of a Young Man (1886)
Drama in Muslin (1886; as Muslin, 1915 Edn.)
Esther Waters (1899)
The Untilled Field (1903)
  I. In the Clay VIII. The Wedding-Gown  
  II. Some Parishioners IX. The Clerk’s Quest  
  III. The Exile X. ”Alms-giving”  
  IV. Home Sickness XI. So On He Fares  
  V. A Letter To Rome XII. The Wild Goose  
  VI. Julia Cahill’s Curse XIII. The Way Back
  VII. A Playhouse in the Waste
Thomas Moore The Loves of Angels (1823)
Memoirs of Captain Rock (1824) - extracts
Flann O’Brien At Swim-Two-Birds (1939)
The Third Policeman (1967)
Seamus O’Kelly The Weaver’s Grave
Kate O’Brien The Ante Room (1934)
Liam O’Flaherty
Novels (extracts)
Skerrett (1934) Famine (1937)
Short fiction  
“The Sniper” (1923)  
Sydney Owenson The Wild Irish Girl (1806)
Saint Patrick “Confession of St. Patrick”
“Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus”
also “The Life of St. Patrick” (by Muirchú)
“AE” Russell “Nationality and Imperialism” (1901)
“Open Letter to the Masters of Dublin (1913)”
The National Being (1916)
G. B. Shaw John Bull’s Other Island (1904) [Preface & Sel. Text]
What Protestants Think [about] Home Rule (1912)
Somerville & Ross The Silver Fox (1897)
Edmund Spenser A View of the Present State of Ireland [1956]
Henry de Stacpoole The Blue Lagoon (1908)
Richard Stanihurst De Rebus in Hibernia Gestis (1584)
De Vita S. Patricii (1587) [Latin]
James Stephens The Crock of Gold (1912) [also .doc & .pdf]
The Charwoman’s Daughter (1912) [also .doc & .pdf]
Here Are Ladies (1913) [also .doc & .pdf]
Insurrection in Dublin (1916) [also .doc & .pdf]
Irish Fairy Tales (1920) [also .doc & .pdf]
Bram Stoker Dracula (1897)
Jonathan Swift
Prose An Argument [on] the Abolishing of Christianity (1708) “The Art of Political Lying” The Examiner (9 Nov. 1710)
  “Proposal for Correcting … the English Tongue” (1712)  
  The Drapier’s First Letter (1724)
Gulliver’s Travel (1726)
A Modest Proposal (1729)
The Drapier’s Fourth Letter (1725)
A Short View of the State of Ireland (1727)
Poetry “A Lady’s Dressing Room” (1732)
“Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift” (1739)
“On Dreams: An Imitation of Petronius”
J. M. Synge Riders to the Sea (1905)
The Playboy of the Western World (1907)
Old & New (1907)
The Aran Islands (1907)
Th. Wolfe Tone “An Argument on Behalf of the Catholics of Ireland (1791)”
Oscar Wilde
  An Ideal Husband (1895)
The Importance of Being Earnest (1895)
Prose & Poetry
  The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891)
  De Profundis (1905)
The Soul of Man Under Socialism (1891)
  “The Ballad of Reading Gaol” [1897]
“The Decay Of Lying” (1889)
“The Critic as Artist” (1890)
The Happy Prince & Other Stories (1888)
  “The Happy Prince”
“The Nightingale and the Rose”
“The Selfish Giant”
“The Devoted Friend”
Others …
  “The Fisherman and His Soul”

W. B. Yeats
Poems, Plays, Fiction, and Critical Writings pass
James Joyce
Fiction, Poetry and Critical Writings pass

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