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Ricorso attempts to provide an accurate and comprehensive view of publications in Irish-studies - both monographs and articles in Irish-studies journals - on a year by year basis. This involves a survey of leading bibliographical sources, as well as hands-on inspection of as many books and journals as time and resources allow. The contents of many of the items listed on these pages are given in whole-text or extract versions in the Ricorso Library [infra]. Links between one and the other may not be provided.

Did you know? This region of RICORSO includes issue-by-issue details of the main Irish-studies journals at full-series extent up to 2004. Several lesser known and older journals are covered in less detail at the moment. See “Irish-studies Journals”, infra.

[ Located in the RICORSO Library region ]

Select Annual Listings

A broad list of primary & secondary publications in/about Irish literature covered in current reviewing organs & publishers’ notices compiled on an on-going basis.

Irish Publishing Record

An exhaustive list of all Irish-subject publications from 1990, compiled by Jeremy Addis, proprietor-editor of Books Ireland. To contact Books Ireland, email

Scholarly Bibliographies
Bibliographies and “Recommended Book” lists from a range of leading monographs and studies on Irish authors and their social & historical contexts.
Topical Bibliographies

A running compilation of titles on a range of specific subjects deriving from the above listings and other sources has been inaugurated here. [This ambitious region is in its inception.]

Anthologies (contents)
A wide range of anthologies down the centuries - chiefly 19th, 20th & 21st - are listed here by their table of contents, thereby documenting “favourite” writers of each period.

Tables of contents of leading Irish-studies journals are systematically and held here. The listings are linked to actual contents in the “Library” region of Ricorso. [ In progress ]

Note: The Irish Book Lover (1909-1957), together with Irish Emigrant and Read Ireland are to be found in the Library region under Journals [infra]

The “Bibliography” can only be as complete as the works examined or reported in through intermediate sources. I therefore ask you to inform me by email of any new or older titles not so far included. Any publications actually sent to the Editor will be extensively covered - both in the Bibliography and in the AZ-Data webpages of Ricorso.

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