Topical Bibliographies: Index

This region contains a running compilation of titles on a range of specific subjects relating to Irish literature and its contexts arising from the maintenance of the “Bibliography” and “Authors A-Z” regions of this website. As such it comprises an iterative project rather than a focussed gathering of topical titles answering to the categories listed in the index. The lists were initially compiled in 1996 and have been subject to fallow periods and spells of of rapid alteration in the interim.

Art & Design
Bibliography (gen.)
Bibliography (Irish)
Biographical Dicts.
Famine Studies
Film & Media
Folklore & folksong
Fiction (novels & stories)
Geography & Topography
Irish (Gaelic) Literature
Irish MSS & Catalogues
Jewish History in Ireland
Modern History
Literary History
Theatre Studies
Northern Ireland
Postcolonial Studies
Rebellion of 1798
Rising of 1916
Shorter Irish Fiction
Women’s Studies

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