Traill, H. D.

1842-1900 [Henry Duff Traill]; author of Coleridge [gen. ed. Henry Morley] (1884); William the Third (1897); Lord Strafford (1899); Sterne (1899); ed. Works of Thomas Carlyle (1896-1907); with wrote a sensational play with Robert Hitchens as The Medicine Man (Lyceum 1898); edited numerous magazines and newspapers incl. The Observer in 1889-91.

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His Coleridge [gen. ed. Henry Morley] (Macmillan 1884, 1889, 1902, 1906, 1909, 1925, 1933), xi, 211 [text 199pp.]; Do. [rep. edn.] (NY: Harper [q.d.]) is available at Internet Archive - online; accesssed 28.01.2013].

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W. Smith Clark, Early Irish Stage (1955), cites Lord Strafford (London 1899) by H. D. Traill [bibl.].

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B. Blackheath; to an old Caithness family, the Traills of Rattar; son of James Traill, the stipendiary magistrate of Greenwich and Woolwich Police Court; ed. Merchant Taylors' School; head of the school; scholarship at St. John's College, Oxford; destined for medicine; degree in natural sciences (grad. 1865); called to bar, 1869; app. Inspector of Returns for the Board of Education, 1871; contrib. Pall Mall Gazette (ed. Frederick Greenwood), 1873; moved with Greenwood to St. James's Gazette when the Pall Mall Gazette took the Liberal side, 1870; joined Saturday Review, contrib. weekly topical verses, rep. in Recaptured Rhymes, 1882 and Saturday Songs (1890); leader-writer for Daily Telegraph; ed. The Observer, 1889-91; increasing circulation; first ed. of Literature, 1897; issued anon. jeux d'esprit pamphlet as The Israelite Question and Comments on the Canaan Journals thereon (1876) which tell Exodus story in modern journalists’ styles; issued The New Lucian (1884; 2nd enl. edn., 1900); dir. Social England in 1893-1898; issued studies of Coleridge (1884), Sterne (1882), William III (1888), Shaftesbury (1886), Strafford (1889), and Lord Salisbury (1891); also a biography of Sir John Franklin (1896); a work on Egypt and a book on Lord Cromer (1897); issued essays as Number Twenty (1892, and The New Fiction (1897); also a play, Glaucus, a tale of a Fish (Olympic Theatre 1865), with Miss Nellie Farren in the title role; with Robert Hitchens, he wrote The Medicine Man, a sensational work about hypnotism [mersermism] with Henry Irving as Dr. Tregenna (Lyceum Th. 1898); also edited the Centenary edition of the Works of Thomas Carlyle, 30 vols. (Chapman and Hall, 1896-1907), with introductions to various works.d. 21 Feb. 1900.

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Belfast Central Public Library holds [Laurence] Sterne (1899) and William the Third (1897).

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Bram Stoker: Traill is the author of an enthusiastic letter to Stoker after the publication of Dracula in which relates reading the scene where the body of Lucy Westenra is decapitated in her tomb to his wife in bed, calling it ‘a real curdler’. (See Catherine Wynne, Bram Stoker, Dracula and the Victorian Gothic Stage (London: Palgrave Macmillan 2013), [38-40; end of Chap. 2]; available at Google Books - online; accessed 04.10.2017].

Kith & Kin: possibly related to Anthony Traill, provost of TCD in 1904 [q.v.].

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