John T. Kelly

[?-?; fl. 1894]; secretary of Southwark Irish Literary Club, c.1883; SEE W. P. Ryan, The Irish Literary Revival (1894), 15ff.; John T Kelly writes to appeal that something be done for the grave of John Francis O’Donnell at Kendal Green, resulting also in the publication of his poems, issued at Christmas 1890, a volume which ‘stand unquestionable as one of the most creditable additions made to Irish literature in the latter half of our century’ [31]; The National Literary Society ... originators of the movement - in the summer of 1892 - were W. B. Yeats and John T Kelly. [127]; attended first formal meeting at John O’Leary’s house on Mountjoy Sq. [127]; at the Rotunda meeting, John O’Leary and John T Kelly explained and urged the new departure. ... John T Kelly was appointed provisional secretary [127].