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James Joyce, “The Cat of Beaugency” / The Cat and the Devil: A Gallery of Editions

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Mead & Dodds
Gerald Rose
Dodds & Mead (NY 1964)
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Faber (London 1965)
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Moonlight (London 1980; NY: Schocken 1981)

Jean-Jacques Corre
Roger Blochon
Gallimard Jeunesse
Gallimard Editions trans. by Jean Borel with ills. by Jean-Jacques Corre (1966) and Roger Blachon (1978, &c.).


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Bojunga Amarante
Joana Morais Varela, trans.
Contexto (Lisboa 1983)
Lygia Bojunga, trans.
Cosac Naify (Sao Paolo 2012)
Dirce Waltrick do Amarante, trans.
Iluminuras [São Paulo 2013)
Amorim & Canan Marcelo da Silva Amorim & Ana Graca Canan,
with ills. by Arthur Seabra (Brazil: UFRN Edu 2013).

Eclair Antonio Almeida, Filho (Bauru 2016), trans. [bilingual]
The Cat and the Devil / O gato e o diabo e The Cats of Copenhagen / Os gatos de Copenhagen.

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Various Nations

Fritz Senn, trans.
(Berlin 1973, 1995)
Celâl Üster ([Istanbul] 2012)
Tomislav Torjanac, ill. (Lisboa 2103)

Fritz Senn
  Harry Rowohl, trans., Wolf Erlbruch,
ill. (Berlin: Hanser Literaturverlage 2012)

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