Deirde Hines


Author of A Moving Destiny (1996), a play involving a family of travellers living on an illegal camping site, premiered at the Yew Theatre, in the Theatre Building, Ballina, 15-27 April 1996.

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Irish playography: A Moving Destiny (1996) - the story of four generations of a family, living on an illegal camping site. Kate and Mikey, the great-grandparents, take us back through history as we follow the myriad journeys of two gangs of children, “the Wagonettes” and ”the Boulderheads”, through to their futures. (See further details online; accessed 01.09.2010.)

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Original plays   Authors
A Moving Destiny Deirdre Hines
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Chambers Anne Barrett
Charlie John Breen
Fr Mathew Seán McCarthy
Grand Max Hafler
Melting Doves Max Hafler
My Name, Shall I Tell You My Name Christina Reid
Sarah's Comfort Niamh McGrath
The Magic Boy John Breen
Adaptations   Adaptors/translators
A Man Called Judas   Jocelyn Clarke
Adapted and translated from the French original by Claude A. Puget and Pierre Bost.
The Indifferent Lover   Tani Bentis ,  Pierre Campos
A translation from the original by Jean Cocteau.
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