Sinéad de Valera

1879-1975 [née Flanagan; Mrs. de Valera/An Ban de Valera], b. Balbriggan, Co. Dublin; Dorset St. National School teacher; taught Irish at Leinster College of Gaelic League, Parnell Sq., where she met Eamon de Valera; appeared in Douglas Hyde’s The Tinker and the Fairy, acted in the garden of George Moore’s house at Ely Place; m. Eamon de Valera, m. 8 Jan. 1910; travelled to America on false passport to visit him, 1920; wrote plays for children in Irish as Cluichidhe na Gaedhilge (1935); issued The Emerald Ring and Other Irish Fairy Stories (1951) and The Stolen Child and Other Stories (1961); The Four-leafed Shamrock (1964), and The Miser's Gold (1970); d. 7 Jan. IF2 DIB DIW

Reps. incl. The Enchanted Lake: Classic Irish Fairy Stories (Currach Press 2005).

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