Cináed Ó hArtacáin

?-975; poet, race of Cernach Sotal, a subdivision of the Síl nAeda Sláine; chief poet of Leth Cuinn acc. obituary in the Annals of Ulster; extant corpus exceeds 700 mainly lines of dinnshenchas type relating to kingdom of Brega, and eulogising Congalach mac Mael Mithig (d. 956) the last of the Síl nAeda Sláine kings of Brega to be styled king of Ireland; enjoyed patronage of Amlaíb Cúaráin (d. 980), Norse king of Dublin and ally of Congalach. See ‘Fíanna bátar i nEmuin’, ed. Whitley Stokes, Revue Celtique, XXIII (1902). OCIL

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