Richard de Burgh

?1259-1326; 2nd Earl of Connaught, eldest son of Walter de Burgh, earl of Ulster; succeeded 1271; made war on late guardian, and ravaged Connacht, 1286; deposed Brian O’Neill and made Niall Culanach O’Neill king of Ireland, 1286; ceded Isle of Man to Edward I, 1290; conquered Magnus O’Conor of Connacht, 1292; summoned to serve Edward in France, 1294; imprisoned by his enemy Fitzgerald, 1294-95; made Aedh O’Connor chief in Connacht, 1296; joined Edward I in Scotland, 1304; built Sligo Castle, 1310; at war with other Irish nobles, 1311; made Felim O’Conor chief in Connacht, 1315; fought against Edward Bruce, 1315; imprisoned in Dublin, 1317, in order that he might not join his son in law Robert Bruce; frequently served Edward II in Scotland to 1322. ODNB.