James G. Ryan, Irish Records: Sources for Family and Local History, (Ancestry Pub. Salt Lake, Utah 1988)

mg. ed. Robert Welsh, contains 32 sections of county with full listing of sources under various headings [local histories; parish records; census, etc.]

SPECIMEN OF CONTENTS (Monaghan): Ulster county contains towns of Monaghan, Clones, Castleblayney, Carrickmacross. Part of Kingdom of Oriel; also MacMahon country; with McKennas, O’Connollys. Not planted after 1603; some plantation followed defeat of MacMahons in the Rising of 1641 et seq. Hearth Roll 1663 reveals commonest names as Mcmahon, McKenna, O’Duffy, O’Connolly, McCabe, McWard, McArdle, McIlmartin, O’Byrne, O’Callan, O’Kelly, O’Murphy, McNaney, McTreanor, O’Gowan or McGowan, O’Boylan, McIllcollan, O’Finnegan, O’Cassidy, and McPhilip. McCabes were gallowglass or mercenary soldiers. O’Byrnes prob. from Wicklow O’Byrnes. Scottish settlers from area of Strathclyde, McAndrew, Mackay, Sinclair, Stewart, Buchanan, McKenzie, Davidson, Ferguson, Blackshaw, McCaig, Walker, Cameron, Gordon, Patterson, and McCutcheon. In 1861 the census showed Catholic, 73%, Church of Ireland, 14%, and Presbyterian, 12%. 428 people per sq. mile in 1841. Pop. in 1841, 200,000, fell to 142,000 by 1851, 25000 having died and 30,000 emigrated. current population, 25,000.

Baronies: Lower Kells, Morgallion, Lower Slane, Fore, Upper Kells, Upper Slane, Lower Navan, Lower Duleek, Lune, Upper Navan, Skreen, Upper Duleek, Upper Moyfenrath, Lower Moyfenrath, Lower Deece, Rataoth; Upper Deece; Dunboyne.

Bibl.: Clogher record, incl: Balfour rentals of 1632 and 1636, CR, 12 (1), (1985), 92-102; Some Clones Inhabitants, CR 2 (3), 1959, 512-14; Castleblayney Rent Book, 1772, CR 6 (1) (1966); Catholic Qual. rolls Index, Fermanagh and Monaghan, CR 2 (3); Rental of the Anketell Estate, Co. Monaghan, 1784-89, indexed list of tenants, CR ii (3) (1989), 403-20; Ballyba Estate 1786, list of tenants, CR 11 (1) (1986), 71-76; Ker Estate, Newbliss, Co Monaghan, 1790-ca.1830, list of landholders, CR 12 (1) 110-26; Casstleblayney Poor Law Rate Book, 1847, CR 5 (1) (1963), 131-48.

Census of Ireland, edn. S Pender (Dub:Stat. Off. 1939), SLC film 924648; Heart Roll Money, In D Rushe, History of Monaghan, p.291-338.

[Among other parishes] Inisken Church Records for 1] Church of Ireland: Lost. 2] Presbyterian [non-existent], 3] Catholic: Map Grid 21; RC Parish Iniskeen, Dioceses, CG; earliest record, b. 7.1837; m.4.1839; Missing dates: b.10.1862-7.1863; m. ends 11.1850; Parish address, Rev. Vincent Mcdonald, PP, Iniskeen, Dundalk, Co. Louth [sic]

Commercial directories J. Pigot’s City of Dublin & Hibernian Provincial Dir. (1824), lists traders, nobility, gentry and clergy of the towns. Slater’s National Comm. Dir. of Ireland (1846) lists nobility, clergy, traders, etc. of towns. Henderson’s Belfast and Province of Ulster Dir. (1985) has lists of inhabitants, traders, etc, of towns; further eds. of the above to 1900 extending over more towns incl. Castleblayney and Carrickmacross. Slater’s Royal national Comm. Dir (1956) lists nobility, &c. for towns. R Wynne’s Business Dir of Belfast (1865), covers Clones and Monaghan. Slater’s Directory of Ireland (1870), trade, nobility, &c., for towns. Slater’s royal National Comm. Dir (1881), lists traders, clergy, nobility, farmers, in parishes and towns. Slater’s Royal National Dir. of Ireland (1894), lists traders, police, teachers, farmers and private residents in each town, village, and parish of the county.

BIOG AND FAMILY HISTORY: Included in Swanzy Notebookss, RCB[elfast] Library, are Campbell of Co Monaghan; Carson of Shanroe; Carson of Monanton, Co. Monaghan; Dawson of Co. Monaghan; Noble of Co. Monaghan; Rogers of Co Monaghan; Wray of Monaghan; Wrights of Monaghan.

ALSO JF Williams, Groves and Lappan … account of gen. of Williams (St Paul 1889); Familes of Medieval Clones, CR 2 (3), 385-414; The MacMahons of Monaghan, 1500-1603, CR 1 (1855-662): 22-38, 85-107; 2: 490-503; 4: 190-94.

NOTES ON GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTS. in Clogher Records, numerous vols. 1954-1984.

NEWSPAPERS: The Argus, Monaghan 1875-81; Northern Standard, Monaghan, 1839-current; Peoples Advocate, 1876-1906; Weekly Chronicle, Clones 1883.

MISCELL: Catholic Clergy of Diocese of Clogher, The McMadhon Clergy, Clogher Record 11 (1) (182) 43-59; Moffett, Rev. B., A List of Pupils of Visc. Weymouth’s Sch., Carrickmacross, who Entered TCD from 1706 to 1909 (Dundalk:Tempest P 1911); D. Rushe, Monaghan in the 18th c. (Dundalk 1919); D. Rushe, History of Monaghan for 200 Years; 1600-1860 (Dublin 1921); Shirley, E. P., The History of the County of Monaghan (Lon 1879); the Volunteer Companies of Ulster 177801793: 7, Monaghan, Irish Sword 8 (31) (1967), pp.95-97.

Clogher Record, clogher Hist. Soc., 1953-current; ed. theo MacMahon, 6 Tully Monaghan; also clogher Hist. soc., Mr JID Johnston, Corick, Clogher, Co. Tyrone.

Libraries: Monaghan County Lib., The diamond, Clones [tell 143]; Monaghan County Mus., Courthouse, Monaghan;

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