Myrtle Hill & Sarah Butler, eds., Aspects of Irish Studies [Irish Studies Inst., symposium papers of Sept. 1989] (QUB 1990), 153pp.

Introduction, RH Buchanan [Director]

PART I: Political Perspectives
Jennifer Todd, Conflict in Northern Ireland:institutional and constitutionl dimension [‘Unionist make no clear distinct between institutional and constitutional reforms’];
James Loughlin, some compararative aspects of Irish and English nationalism in the 19th century; Cormac Murphy, Revolution and radicalism in co. Dublin 1913-21;
Maurice Goldring, Quotas: affirmative and reverse discrimination;
John Coakley, ‘Typical case or deviant? Nationalism in Ireland in a European Context’.

PART II: Perspectives in 20th c. culture
Sophia Hillan King, ‘”Quiet Desperation”: versions of a theme in writings of Daniel Corkery, M. McLaverty, and John McGahern [McLaverty, addressing Young Ulster Society, 27 Feb. 1940, gives enthusiastic opinion of Corkery’s Threshold of Quiet, ‘quiet, mellow, thoughtful’; p.39]
Brian Kennedy, ‘Irish landscape painting in a political setting, 1922-48’;
Eamonn Hughes, ‘Representation in modern Irish poetry’;
Hugh Maguire, ‘”The mirror up to nature”: the theatrical buildings as socio-political cyphers’.

PART III: Society in Northern Ireland
Maurna Crozier, ‘Good leaders and “decent men”: an Ulster contradiction’;
Amanda Shanks, ‘Northern Irish gentry culture: an anomaly’.

Brenda Colling, ‘Numbers to alphabet of history’;
Anglique Day, ‘The Computer as a Resource for Irish History: an introduction to the Ordnance Survey Memoirs Database’;
Kay [?Master], ‘The Place-names Research Project: Dept. of Environment for N. Ireland and Celtic Dept.’, QUB.

Michelle O’Riordan, ‘A 17th century ‘political poem’;
Rosemary Power, ‘Irish travellers in the Norse World’; Patricia Kelly, ‘New Horizons in Hiberno-English studies’.

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