O[owen] Dudley Edwards and Fergus Pyle, eds., 1916: The Easter Rising (MacGibbon & Kee 1968) [in memory of Desmond Ryan], 271pp.; no index.

CONTENTS: Douglas Gageby, Preface; Intro.; Chron. of Related Events, 1880-1927; Proclamation of Easter Rising; Donal McCartney, ‘Gaelic Ideological Origins of 1916’; Thomas MacDonagh’s The Yellow Bittern [50]; FSL Lyons, ‘Decline and Fall of the Nationalist Party’; John Dillon’s Speech of 11 May 1916 [62-78]; Nicholas Mansergh, ‘The Unionist Party and the Union 1886-1916’; A Unionist Directive [90]; G. C. Duggan, ‘The Royal Irish Constabulary’; Thomas Kettle’s ‘To My Daughter Betty, the Gift of God’ [100]; Henry Harris, ‘The Other Half Million’; Captain Raymond Weisbach’s Narrative of Casement’s Last Voyage to Ireland [116-18]; Donal Nevin, ‘The Irish Citizen Army’; Mr Devileur’s Prisoner [132]; Owen Sheehy-Skeffington, ‘Francis Sheehy-Skeffington’; An Open Letter to Thomas MacDonagh from Francis Skeffington [149-52]; Owen Dudley Edwards, ‘American Aspects of the Rising’; William Dean Howells’s Letter to the Nation 181]; Fifty Basil Chubb, ‘Years of Irish Administration’; The Irish Rebellion of 1916: Lenin’s Reflections on the Rising [191]; Roger McHugh, ‘The Catholic Church and the Rising’; Letters from an Irishwoman (Bryce MSS NLI) [202]; R. Dudley Edwards, ‘The achievement of 1916’; AE, ‘To the Memory of Some I Knew’ [220-22]; Epilogue: Conor Cruise O’Brien, ‘The Embers of Easter 1916-66’; App. I, The Irish Times on the Easter Rising; App. II: Press Reaction to the Rising in General.

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