Jean-Paul Sartre - Various Quotations

Being and Nothingness
On “Calypso”: ‘the intimate odour rising from beneath [Bloom]’ signifies ‘the initial project of the recovery of the body’ and shows Joyce’s attempt at ‘a solution of the problem of the absolute.’ (Being and Nothingness, trans. Hazel Barnes (NY, 1966), p. 588.

‘[T]he a priori equivalence of all subjectivities’ (Being and Nothingness, 1968, p.318).

What is Literature?
‘It is the error of realism to believe that the real reveals itself to contemplation, and consequently it is possible to draw a picture of it.’ (Sartre, What is Literature, p.59).

On Ulysses: ‘lacks the intermonadic dimension’ ( What is Literature, p. 132)

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