Alan Warner, A Guide to Anglo-Irish Literature (Dublin: Gill & Macmillan 1981), 295pp.

Part One, Introduction; Chap. 1: The Scope of Anglo-Irish Literature [5]; Chap. 2: The Growth of Anglo-Irish Literature [15]; Chap. 3: A Sense of Ireland [26]

Part Two [I. Views from the Big House], Chap. 4: Maria Edgeworth [41]; Chap. 5: Somerville and Ross [50]; Chap. 6: George Moore [61]; [ii. Views from smaller houses]; Chap. 7 William Carleton [72]; Chap. 8: Frank O’Connor [79]; Chap. 9: Patrick Kavanagh [89]; Supplement to Part Two, Notes on some other nineteenth century writers: poetry, prose, drama [98]

Part Three [A Group of Dubliners] Chap. 10: James Joyce [109]; Chap. 11: James Stephens [121]; Chap. 12 Sean O’Casey [132]; Chap. 13: Austin Clarke [143]; Chap. 14: Flann O’Brien [153]

Part Four [Yeats and Synge] Chap. 15: William Butler Yeats [169]; Chap. 16: John Millington Synge [182]; Supplement to Part Four, Notes on some other twentieth century writers: poetry, drama, prose [195]

Part Five [Some Living Writers] Chap. 17: Sean O’Faolain [209]; Chap. 18: Mary Lavin [216]; Chap. 19: Francis Stuart [225]; Chap. 20: Brian Moore [236]; Chap. 21: John McGahern [245]; Chap. 22: John Hewitt [253]; Chap. 23: Seamus Heaney [261]; Supplement to Part Five, Notes on some other living writers: poetry, drama, prose [269]; Select Bibliography [281]; Index [292].

Preface, ‘[...] a personal and selective guide to Anglo-Irish Literature ... to introduce this field of study and indicate some of the problems involved in studying it [and] to stimulate interest in a number of writers who are not yet widely read, even in Ireland.’ [1]; Introduction further refers to definition of Anglo-Irish literature adopted by IASAIL from Corkery, and to addresses by Seán Lucy, et al.

Although there are facets of nationality in the work of many, it is debatable how far they can be said to privide the natoinal iterature of ireland in English. In spite of this, when they are studied together they illuminate each other.' (p.14; quoted in quoted in Kendra Reynolds, UG essay, UU 2011.)

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