Damian Smyth, ed., ‘Lost Fields; An Introduction to the Life and Work of Six Ulster Novelists’, a supplement to Fortnight Review 306 (May 1992)

Contains Michael McLaverty (Sophia Hillan King), pp.2-3; Janet McNeill (Ruth Hooley), pp.3-6, with a reprint of a short notice ‘Janet MacNeill, Writer and Dramatist’, orig. in Threshold Vol. 3 No. 2 (Summer 1959); also Janet McNeill, ‘A Child in the House’, (Isabel Orr), pp.7-8; Forrest Reid (Brian Taylor), pp.8-10; Shan F. Bullock (Bruce Stewart), 14-16; George A. Birmingham (Brian Taylor), pp.16-18 [port. J. S. Sleator]; also Tess Hurson on Birmingham, (‘Lost Tribes and Spanish Gold’) pp.18-19; Lynn C. Doyle (William O’Kane) [photo port.], pp.12-14; and Eamon Hughes, ‘Ulster of the Senses’, pp.10-11; an article on Ulster autobiographies. Also a poem by John Hewitt, ‘Delivered at the Unveiling of a Plaque Commemorating George A. Birmingham, 19 Nov. 1951’.

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