Alan Peacock, ed., The Achievement of Brian Friel (Gerrards Cross 1993), 267pp.

CONTENTS: Alan Peacock, Introduction [xi]; John Cronin, ‘”Donging the Tower” - The Past Did Have Meaning’: The Short Stories of Brian Friel’ [1]; Neil Corcoran, ‘The Penalties of Retrospect: Continuities in Brian Friel’ [14]; Elmer Andrews, The Fifth Province [29]; Desmond Maxwell, ‘Figures in a Peepshow’: Friel and the Irish Dramatic Tradition’ [49]; Christopher Murray, Friel’s ‘Emblems of Adversity’ and the Yeatsian Example’ [69]; Thomas Kilroy, Theatrical Text and Literary Text [91]; Seamus Deane, ‘Brian Friel: The Name of The Game’ [103]; Alan Peacock, ‘Translating the Past: Friel, Greece and Rome’ [113]; Robert Welch, ‘Isn’t This Your Job? - To Translate?’: Brian Friel’s Languages’ [134]; Sean Connolly, ‘Translating History: Brian Friel and the Irish Past’ [149]; Richard York, ‘Friel’s Russia’ [164]; Joe Dowling, ‘Staging Friel’ [178]; Terence Brown, ‘Have We a Context?’: Transition, Self and Society in the Theatre of Brian Friel’ [190]; Fintan O’Toole, ‘Marking Time: from Making History to Dancing at Lughnasa [202]; John McVeagh, ‘”A Kind of Comhar”: Charles Macklin and Brian Friel’ [215]; Seamus Heaney, ‘For Liberation: Brian Friel and the Use of Memory’ [229]; Notes, 241; Select Bibliography, 254; Notes on Contributors, 259; Index, 263.

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