Patrick O’Sullivan, ed., The Irish World Wide, (Leicester UP 1992; pb. edn. 1997)

Vol. I: Patterns of Migration [ISBN 0 7185 0118 7]: CONTENTS, Patrick O’Sullivan, General Introduction to the Series; O’Sullivan, ‘Introduction: Patterns of Migration’; 1: Patrick Fitzgerald, ‘”Like Crickets to the crevice of a Brew-house: poor Irish migrants in England, 1560-1640’; 2: John McGurk, ‘Wild Geese: The Irish in European armies (sixteenth to eighteenth centuries)’; 3. Patrick McKenna, ‘Irish migration to Argentina’; 4. Joseph A. King, ‘ The Murphys and the Breens of the overland parties to California, 1844 and 1846’; 5. James Sturgis, ‘Ned Kelly (Australia) and William Donnelly (Canada) in comparative perspective’; 6. Alun Munslow, A “bigger, better and busier Boston”’- The pursuit of Irish political legitimacy: the Boston Irish, 1890-1920’; 7. T. D. Regehr, ‘The Irish childhood and youth of a Canadian capitalist’; 8. Seamus Grimes, ‘Friendship patterns and social networks among post-war Irish migrants in Sydney’.

Vol. II: The Irish in the New Communities [ISBN 0 7185 0116 0]. CONTENTS: Patrick O’Sullivan, ‘Introduction: The Irish in the New Communities’; 1. M. A. Busteed, R. I. Hodgson and T. F. Kennedy, ‘The myth and reality of Irish migrants in mid-nineteenth century Manchester: a preliminary study’; 2. Roger Swift, ‘The historiography of the Irish in nineteenth century Britain’; 3. David M. Emmons, ‘Faction fights: The Irish worlds of Butte, Montana, 1875-1917’; 4. Donald Harman Akenson, ‘The historiography of the Irish in the United States’; 5. Gordon Forth, ‘‘No petty people’: the Anglo-Irish identity in colonial Australia’; 6. Karen P. Corrigan, ‘‘I gcuntas De muin Bearla do na leanbhain’: eismirce agus an Ghaeilge sa naou aois deag’’For God’s sake teach the children English’: emigration and the Irish language in the ninettenth century’; 7. Laurence M. Geary, ‘Australia felix: Irish doctors in nineteenth century Victoria’; 8. Ellen Hazelkorn, ‘We can’t all live on a small island’: the political economy of Irish migration’; 9. Liam Greenslade, ‘White skins, white masks: psychological distress among the Irish in Britain’; 10. Nessan Danaher, ‘Irish studies: a historical survey across the Irish diaspora’.

Vol. III: [Q. title] [ISBN 0 7185 0114 4]. CONTENTS: Patrick O’Sullivan, Introduction: ‘The Creative Migrant’; 1. Martin J. Counihan, ‘Ireland and the scientific tradition’; 2. James P. Myers, Jnr., ‘‘Till their... bog-trotting feet get talaria’: Henry D. Thoreau and the immigrant Irish’; 3. Patrick O’Sullivan, ‘The Irish joke’; 4. Owen Dudley Edwards, ‘The stage Irish’; 5. Frank Molloy, ‘The sigh of thy harp shall be sent o’er the deep’: the influence of Thomas Moore in Australia’; 6. Patrick J. Quinlivan, ‘Hunting the fenians: problems in the historiography of a secret organisation’; 7. Bernard Canavan, ‘Story-tellers and writers: Irish identity in emigrant labourers’ autobiographies, 1870-1970’; 8. Kevin Rockett, ‘The Irish migrant and film’ 9. John P. Cullinane, ‘Irish dance world-wide: Irish migrants and the shaping of Irish traditional dance’; 10. Graeme Smith, ‘My love is in America: migration and Irish music’.


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