Sean Golden, Post-Traditional English Literature: A Polemic The Crane Bag, guest ed., Seamus Deane, Vol 3, No. 2 (1979) [Crane Bag Book, pp.427-34]

‘The English literary tradition developed contemporaneously with England’s establishment, first of nationhood, then of empire, and is necessarily implicated in the ramifications of this historical process. Non-native literature in the English language developed under different historical circumstances in the colonies, and reflects those facts. Colonial and former colonials had (and have) a different stance, a more detached, objective one, toward the native English tradition than native English writers. With this detached stance comes a different perspective, and freedom in handing the tradition not available to native English writers. The development of twentieth century writing in English and the shift of its creative centers [sic] away from England proper to America and the Celtic countries are symptoms of this process.’ (p.427.)

Also, quotes from Yeats on Spenser; Stanislaus Joyce; and Michael Hartnett [see RX files].

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