Karl-Heinz Westarp and Michael Böss, eds., Ireland: Towards new Identities? (Aarhus UP 1998)

Contents incl. Colm Toibin, ‘New Ways to Kill Your Father: Historical Revisionism’, pp.28-36; Marie Arndt, ‘Sean O’Faolain as Biographer and Commentator’, pp.56-67; ‘[Q. a.,] Northern Ireland: Poetry and Peace’, pp.103-115.; Britta Olinder, ‘Creating an Identity: John Hewitt and History’, pp.120-33; Michael Böss, ‘Roots in the Bog: Notion of Identity in the Poetry and Essays of Seamus Heaney’, pp.134-45; Karl-Heinz Westarp, ‘Aspects of Time and Identity in Samuel Beckett’, pp.157-64.


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