Alan Marshall & Neil Sammells, eds,. Irish Encounters: Poetry, Politics, And Prose (Bath: Sulis Press 1998).

CONTENTS, 1: Neil Sammells, Introduction; 2: Colin Graham, ‘Samuel Ferguson and the Phoenix Park Murders’; 3: William Hughes, ‘Chivalry and Masculinity in Bram Stoker’s The Snake’s Pass’; 4: Stephen Regan, ‘The Celtic Spirit in Literature: Renan, Arnold, Wilde and Yeats’; 5: Richard Greaves, ‘W. B. Yeats: Poetry, Politics, Responsibilities’; 6: Eileen Reilly, ‘James Owen Hannay, George A. Birmingham, and the Gaelic League’; 7: Willy Maley, ‘Postcolonial Joyce’?; 8: Tessa Hadley, ‘Landscape and Land Ownership in Elizabeth Bowen’s The Last September’; 9: [q.a.,] ‘Beckett and the Big House: Watt and “Quin”’; 10: Sarah Briggs, ‘Mary Lavin and the Narrative of the Spinster’; 11: Barry Sloan, ‘Religion and Autobiographical Writing from Ulster’; 12: Siobhán Holland, ‘A Case for Matrifocality in John McGahern’s Amongst Women’; 13: Gerwin Strobl, ‘J. G. Farrell’s Troubles and the unravelling of the Union’; 14: Sarah Ferris, ‘John Hewitt’s Disciples and the “Kaleyard Provincials”’; 15: Gerry Smyth, ‘Insanity and Fantasy in the Contemporary Irish Novel’; 16: Michael Parker, ‘“Guns and Icons”: Encountering the Troubles’; 17. Tom Herron, ‘The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing as communicative space/act’. Index.