Leon Litvack & Glenn Hooper, eds., Ireland in the Nineteenth Century: Regional Identity (Dublin: Four Courts Press 2000). [q.pp.]

  • Leon Litvack (QUB), ‘Exhibiting Ireland, 1851-53: Colonial Mimicry in London, Cork & Dublin’;
  • Elizabeth Tilley (NUI/Galway), Charting Culture in the Dublin University Magazine’;
  • A. Jamie Saris (NUIM), ‘Imagining Ireland in the Great Exhibition of 1853’;
  • Eva Maria Stöter (NUIM), ‘Region vs. Nation: Nineteenth Century ‘Germany’ as a Mirror for Irish Regional/National Politics’;
Pt. II: Peripheries
  • Jacqueline Belanger (U. of Kent at Canterbury), ‘ The Desire of the West: The Aran Islands and Irish Identity in Grania’;
  • Patrick Maume (QUB), ‘The Papish Minister: Shan Bullock, John Haughton Steele, and the Literary Portrayal of the Nineteenth-Century Clergyman’;
  • Brian Caraher (QUB), ‘Edgeworth, Wilde and Joyce: Reading Irish Regionalism Through “the cracked lookingglass” of a Servant’s Art’;
  • Frances Botkin (U. of Illinois at Chicago), ‘Edgeworth and Wordsworth: Plain Unvarnished Tales’;
  • Richard McMahon (NUIG), The Regional Administration of a Central Legal Policy.
Pt. III Nations
  • Seán Ryder (NUIG), ‘The Politics of Landscape and Region in Nineteenth-Century Poetry’;
  • Kevin Whelan (Notre Dame), ‘Writing Ireland: Reading England’;
  • Michael McAteer (QUB), ‘”Ireland and the Hour”: Paternalism and Nationality in Standish James O’Grady’s Toryism and the Tory Democracy’;
  • Glenn Hooper (U. of Aberdeen), ‘The Pursuit of Signs: Searching for Ireland after the Union.’


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