Geert Lernout, ed., The Crows Behind the Plough: History and Violence in Anglo-Irish Poetry and Drama [Costerus Ser., Vol. 79] (Amsterdam: Rodopi 1991), 173pp.

CONTENTS: Nina Witoszeck and Patrick Sheeran, ‘The Tradition of Vernacular Hatred’, pp.11-27; Werner Huber, ‘Notes on Beckett’s Reception in Germany’, pp.29-39; Gerald Fitzgibbon, ‘Historical Obsession in Recent Irish Drama’, pp.41-59; Christopher Murray, Brian Friel’s Making History and the Problem of Historical Accuracy’, pp.61-77; Ulrich Schneider, ‘Staging History in Contemporary Anglo-Irish Drama: Brian Friel and Frank McGuinness’, pp.79-98; Riana O’Dwyer, ‘Dancing in the Borderlands: the Plays of Frank McGuinness’, pp.99-115; Rüdiger Imhof, ‘The Gigli Concert Revisited’, pp.117-27; Tjebbe Westendorp, ‘The Great War in Irish Memory: The Case of Poetry’, pp.129-41; Peter van de Kamp, ‘Desmond Egan: Universal Provincialist’, pp.143-57; Edna Longley, ‘Traditionalism and Modernism in Irish Poetry’, pp.159-73.

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