Frank Kernowski, The Outsiders: Poets of Contemporary Ireland (Texas Univ. Press 1975)

Contents: sections on Patrick Kavanagh [8ff.]; Valentin Iremonger [13ff.; Pearse Hutchinson [19ff.] (Envoy); Michael Hartnett 25ff.], Leland Bardwell [26ff], James Liddy [29ff.] (Arena); Ewart Milne [41ff.] and Denis Devlin [51ff.] (Poetry Ireland and Irish Writing); Austin Clarke 63ff.], Thomas Kinsella [73ff.], Desmond O’Grady [85ff.], Richard Murphy [93ff.], Richard Weber [98ff.], Brendan Kennelly [101ff.], Rudi Holzapfel [ 104ff.] (Dolmen Press); John Hewitt [110ff.], Roy McFadden [115ff.], John Montague [117ff.] (Threshold); James Simmons [133ff.], Michael Stephens [138ff/], Michael Foley 141ff.], Seamus Heaney [143ff.], Derek Mahon [148ff.] (Honest Ulsterman and Atlantis); Thomas MacGreevy [153ff.], Brian Coffey [155ff.], Anthony Cronin [156ff.], James Liddy [160f]; , Michael Hartnett [161ff]; , Leland Bardwell [163f], Trevor Joyce [164f]; , Augustus Young [165f], John Jordan 166], Paul Murray [166], Desmond O’Grady [167-68]; also Poetry of Outsiders [168-74]; Notes, Bibl., Index..The poets discusses are not exclusive to the journals in question, and the table of contents is in part erroneous—thus Anthony Cronin wrote for Envoy, though ‘with increasing infrequency’ [7], and is discussed in that section under a sub-section title [17-19], though without a reference in the Contents. In this section the author speaks of Cronin’s criticism of the State; in a subsequent section of his poetry in relation to Joyce and Yeats [156-59], The epigraph, cited from John Jordan, writing criticism in The Dolmen Miscellany (1962), speaks of Cronin as ‘curious evidence of how late Auden came to Ireland’. The bibliography of works discussed include standard titles by the poets and some arcane works of reference such as Mircea Eliade (Cosmos and History, 1971), but also also Michael Foley, Heil Hitler (Portrush:Ulstersman Publ. 1969); Rudi Holzapfel, For Love of Ireland (Leeds:priv. 1967); Translations from the English (Dub:Museum Bookshop 1965); with Brendan Kennelly, the rain, the moon (Dolmen 1961), and Cast a Cold Eye (Dub:Dolmen 1959). No published works by Michael Stephens, who guest edited The Honest Ulsterman[subtit. Monthly Handbook for a Revolution], April 1969.

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