Liam Harte, ed., Modern Irish Autobiography: Self, Nation and Society (London: Palgrave Macmillan 2007), ix, 260pp.

  • Introduction: [Liam Harte,] ‘Autobiography and the Irish Cultural Moment’;
  • Liam Harte, ‘“With a Heroic Life and a Governing Mind”: Irish Nationalist Autobiography in the Nineteenth Century’;
  • Liam Harte, ‘Creating the Self, Recreating the Nation: The Politics of Irish Literary Autobiography from Moore to Behan’;
  • Berenice Schrank, ‘“Life Purified and Reprojected”: Autobiography and the Modern Irish Novel’;
  • Eve Patten, ‘Pilgrimage to the Self: Autobiographies by Twentieth-Century Irish Women’;
  • Taura S. Napier, ‘“Loss, Return, and Restitution”: Autobiography and Irish Diasporic Subjectivity’;
  • Liam Harte, ‘Breaking the Silence: Emigration, Gender and the making of Irish Cultural Memory’;
  • B. Gray, ‘Twentieth-Century Gaelic Autobiography: from lieux de memoire to Narratives of Self-Invention’;
  • Maire Nic Eoin, ‘“Drawing the Line and making the Tot”: Aspects of Irish Protestant Life Writing’;
  • Barry Sloan, ‘Fighting without Guns?: Political Autobiography in Contemporary Northern Ireland’;
  • S. Hopkins, ‘“Voice Itself”: The Loss and Recovery of Boyhood in Irish Memoir’;
  • Denis Sampson, ‘Memoirs of an Autobiographer’;
  • George O’Brien, Bibliography.
  • Index.
[Authors treated incl. John Mitchel, Augusta Gregory, George Moore, James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, Tomás Ó Criomhthain, Sean O’Casey, Kate O’Brien, Eavan Boland, Gerry Adams, John McGahern and George O’Brien.]


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