Tadhg Foley and Seán Ryder, eds., Ideology and Ireland in the Nineteenth Century (Dublin: Four Courts Press 1998)

CONTENTS: Preface [5]; Tadhg Foley and Seán Ryder, Introduction [7]. PART I: IDEOLOGY, ART AND REPRESENTATION, Terry Eagleton, ‘Prout and Plagiarism’ [I3]; Luke Gibbons, ‘Between Captain Rock and a Hard Place: Art and Agrarian Insurgency’ [23]; Willa Murphy, ‘Maria Edgeworth and the Aesthetics of Secrecy’ [45]; Judith Hill, ‘Ideology and Cultural Production: Nationalism and the Public Monument in Mid Nineteenth-Century Ireland’ [55]; Sandra F Siegel, ‘OscarWilde’s Gift and Oxford’s “Coarse Impertinence”’ [69].

PART II, IDEOLOGY AND PUBLIC DISCOURSE, Angela Bourke, ‘The Baby and the Bathwater: Cultural Loss in Nineteenth-Century Ireland’ [79]; Niall Ó Ciosáin, ‘Boccoughs and God’s Poor: Deserving and Undeserving Poor in Irish Popular Culture’ [93]; Margaret Preston, ‘Discourse and Hegemony: Race and Class in the Language of Charity in Nineteenth-Century Dublin’ [100]; Thomas A. Boylan and Terrence McDonough, ‘Dependency and Modernization: Perspectives from the Irish Nineteenth Century’ [113]; Peter Gray, ‘Nassau Senior, the Edinburgh Review and Ireland 1843-49 [130]; Thomas Duddy, The Peculiar Opinions of an Irish Platonist: The Life and Thought of Thomas Maguire’ [143]; III, IDEOLOGIES OF NATION AND IDENTITY]; Margorie Howes, ‘Tears and Blood: Lady Wilde and the Emergence of Irish Cultural Nationalism’ [15I]; Eva Stoter, ‘Grimmige Zeiten’:The Influence of Lessing, Herder and the Grimm Brothers on the Nationalism of theYoung Irelanders’ [173]; Niamh O’Sullivan, ‘The Iron Cage of Femininity:Visual Representation of Women in the 1880s Land Agitation’ [181]; Edward A. Hagan, ‘The Aryan Myth: A Nineteenth-Century Anglo-Irish Will to Power’ [197]; Chris Morash, ‘Celticism: Between Race and Nation’ [206]; Notes on Contributors [214]; Index [216].

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