Douglas Dunn, ed., Two Decades of Irish Writing (Carcanet Press 1975), 256pp. + index

CONTENTS: Introduction; Seamus Deane, ‘Irish poetry and Irish Nationalism: A Survey’ [4]; Michael Allen, ‘Provincialism and Recent Irish Poetry: The Importance of Patrick Kavanagh’ [23]; Donald Davie, ‘Austen Clarke and Padraic Fallon’ [37]; Stan Smith, ‘On Other Grounds: The Poetry of Brian Coffey’ [59]; Terence Brown, ‘The Poetry of WR Rodgers and John Hewitt’ [81]; Michael Longley, ‘The Neolithic Night: A Note on the Irishness of Louis MacNeice’ [98]; Seamus Heaney, ‘The Poetry of Patrick Kavanagh: From Monaghan to the Grand Canal’ [105]; Edna Longley, ‘Searching the Darkness: The Poetry of Richard Murphy, Thomas Kinsella, John Montague, and James Simmons’ [118]; Michael Smith, ‘The Contemporary Situation in Irish Poetry’ [154]; D. E. S. Maxwell, ‘Contemporary Poetry in the North of Ireland’ [166]; James Atlas, ‘The Prose of Samuel Beckett: Notes from the Terminal Ward’ [186]; Lorna Sage, ‘Flann O’Brien’ [197]; Roger Garfitt, ‘Constants in Contemporary Irish Fiction’ [207]; Tom Paulin, ‘A Necessary Provincialism: Brian Moore, Maurice Leitch, Florence Mary McDowell’ [244].

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