Julia Carlson, ed. & intro., Banned in Ireland: Censorship & the Irish Writer [for Article 19], Preface by Kevin Boyle (London: Routledge/US:Georgia UP 1990), 176pp, index.


Interviews with Irish Writers, Benedict Kiely [23-35], John Broderick [39-51], John McGahern [55-67], Edna O’Brien [71-79], Lee Dunne [83-95], Maurice Leitch [99-108], Brian Moore [111-121].  


Appendix contains AE [George Russell], ‘The Censorship Bill’ [Irish Statesman 10 (1928), 486-87)]; W. B. Yeats, ‘The Censorship and St Thomas Aquinas’ [Irish Statesman 11 (1928), 47-48; rep. in Uncollected Prose, Reviews, Arts., and Other Misc. Prose 1897-1939, ed. J. P. Frayne & Colton Johston (Lon. 1975), 477-80]; G Bernard Shaw, ‘The Irish Censorship’ [Irish Statesman 11 (1928), 206-08]; Liam O’Flaherty, ‘the Irish Censorship’ [The American Spectator 1 (Nov. 1932)]; Samuel Beckett, ‘Censorship in the Saorstat’ [commissioned by The Bookman 1935; publ. 1983, in Disjecta: Miscellaneous Writings and a Dramatic Fragment, ed. Ruby Cohn, pp.84-88; Sean O’Faolain, ‘The Mart of Ideas’ [Bell 4 (June 1942), pp.153-57)]; Frank O’Connor, ‘Frank O’Connor on Censorship’ [The Dubliner (March 1962), 39-44].

Notes, Select Bibliography; Index.
Bibliography incl. Michael Adams, Censorship: The Irish Experience (Dubln:Sceptre 1968); Terence Brown, A Social and cultural History 1922-1985 (Fontana 1987); Kieran Woodman, Media Control in Ireland 1923-1983 (Galway: Officina Typographica 1985); Peter R. Connolly, ‘Censorship’, in Christus Rex 13 (1959), 151-70 [Ireland ‘should not be bereft of the salutary criticism of its own most passionately aware members … cynicism about the Act and contempt for Censorship in general’.
Note: Kevin Boyle was a founder of Article 19 - the anti-censorship league in Ireland.

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