Matthew Campbell, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Contemporary Irish Poetry (Cambridge UP 2003), 294pp.

CONTENTS: Notes on contributors [vii]; Preface [x]; Chronology [xiii]; 1: Matthew Campbell, ‘Ireland in Poetry: 1999, 1949, 1969’ [1]; 2: John Goodby, ‘From Irish Mode to Modernisation: The Poetry of Austin Clarke’ [21]; 3: Jonathan Allison, ‘Patrick Kavanagh and Antipastoral’ [42]; 4: Peter McDonald, ‘Louis MacNeice: Irony and Responsibility’ [59]; 5: Alex Davis, ‘The Irish Modernists and Their Legacy’ [76]; 6: Fran Brearton, ‘Poetry of the 1960s: The ’Northern Ireland Renaissance’ [94]; 7: Dillon Johnston, ‘Violence in Seamus Heaney’s Poetry’ [113]; 8: Terence Brown, ‘Mahon and Longley: Place and Placelessness’ [133]; 9: Frank Sewell, ‘Between Two Languages: Poetry in Irish, English and Irish English’ [149]; 10: Guinn Batten, ‘Boland, McCuckian, Ní Chuilleanáin and the Body of the Nation’ [169]; 11: Shane Murphy, ‘Sonnets, Centos and Long Lines: Muldoon, Paulin, McGuckian and Carson’ [189]; 12: Lucy Collins, ‘Performance and Dissent: Irish Poets in the Public phere’ [209]; 13: Robert Faggen, ‘Irish Poets and the World’ [229]; 14: David Wheatley, ‘Irish Poetry into the Twenty-First Century’ [250]. Further reading [268]. Index [285].

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