Cyril J. Byrne and Margaret Harry, eds., Talamh an Eisc: Canadian and Irish Essays [Irish Studies St. Mary’s Coll.] (Halifax Can.: Nimbus Publ. Co. 1986); being papers of 16th International Conference of CAIS.

CONTENTS: R. B. McDowell, ‘Grattan’s Parliament’, pp.3-11; Sean Connolly, ‘Popular Culture in Pre-Famine Ireland’, pp.12-28; Norman Vance, ‘Irish Literary Traditions and the Act of Union’, pp.29-47; Robert O’Driscoll, ‘Foundations of the Literary and Musical Revival’, pp.48-70; J. Th. Leerssen, ‘Antiquarian Research: Patriotism to Nationalism’, pp.71-83; Augustine Martin, ‘Anglo-Irish Poetry: Moore to Ferguson’, pp.84-104; John Cronin, ‘The Creative Dilemma of Gerald Griffin’, pp.105-118; R. B. Walsh, ‘John O’Donovan, The Man and the Scholar’, pp.119-39; Desmond Guinness, ‘The Volunteer Earl’, pp.140-47. [Essays in Pt. concern Irish in Canada]

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