Fran Brearton & Eamonn Hughes, eds., Last Before America: Irish and American Writing - Essays in Honour of Michael Allen (Belfast: Blackstaff Press 2001), 233pp.

CONTENTS: Acknowledgements [vii]; Brearton & Hughes, Introduction [ix]; Michael Longley, ‘Prologue: “Level Pegging”’ [1]; Peter McDonald, ‘Faiths and Fidelities: Heaney and Longley in Mid-Career’ [3]; Patricia Horton, ‘“A Truly Uninvited Shade”: Romantic Legacies in the Work of Seamus Heaney and Paul Muldoon’ [16]; Seamus Heaney, “The Two Mice” (trans. from Robt. Henryson) [29]; William Watkin, ‘Poppypetal: Thanatropism, Pathos and Pathology in Contemporary Elegy Theory’ [36]; Adrienne Janus, ‘Mnemosyne and the Mislaid Pen: The Poetics of Memory in Heaney, Longley and McGuckian’, [54]; Richard Kirkland, ‘Ways of Saying/Ways of Reading: Materiality, Literary Criticism and the Poetry of Paul Muldoon’ [69]; Paul Muldoon, “News Headlines from the Homer Noble Farm” [80]; Nicholas Allen, ‘Free Statement: Censorship and the Irish Statesman ’ [84]; Elmer Kennedy-Andrews, ‘Antic Dispositions in Some Recent Irish Fiction’ [121]; Ciaran Carson, “Dante’s Inferno: Canto I” [142]; William Wiser, “Poet’s Corner” [148]; Colin Graham, ‘A Glimpse of America’ [159]; Peter Stoneley, ‘Dickinson and Cosmopolitanism’ [186]; Medbh McGuckian, “Poems” [203]; Bernard MacLaverty, ‘Postscript’ [212]; Notes [214]; Notes on Contributors [231]

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