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The texts held in this region are either whole texts or longer extracts of published works that stand as monuments of Irish criticism - either because of the influence of the text or the eminence of the author - and deal with more than one author. While the selection criteria is inevitably influenced by personal taste and current teaching requirements, the aim is to gather in for ready reference the key interventions in the subject-area. See also “Note on Copyright”, infra.

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On modern Irish literature
Samuel Beckett ‘Dante... Bruno. Vico.. Joyce’, in Exagmination [... &c.] (1929)
Elizabeth Bowen The Demon Lover & Other Stories (1945) - Postscript.
“The Short Story in England” (May 1945)
Ernest A. Boyd The Irish Literary Renaissance (1916) [ as .doc & pdf]
Padraic Colum Introduction to Mary, Mary, by James Stephens (NY 1912)
Introduction to The Collegians, by Gerald Griffin (1918 Edn.)
Introduction to Anthology of Irish Verse (1922)
Claire Connolly “Irish Romanticism, 1800-1839”, in Cambridge History of Irish LitSerature (2006)
Daniel Corkery “On Anglo-Irish Literature” (1931)
Seamus Deane
Heroic Styles: The Tradition of an Idea (1984)
“The Artist and the Troubles” (1984)
Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (1991)
Strange Country: Modernity and Nationhood [...] (1997)
  National Character and the Character of Nations [sect. on Gerald Griffin & Thomas Moore]
  Boredom and Apocalypse: A National Paradigm [Flann O’Brien]
Irvin Ehrenpreis Irvin Ehrenpreis, ‘Gullivers’s Travels’ , in Swift, Vol. 3 (1983)
Robert Farren The Course of Irish Poetry (1947)
Thomas Flanagan Thomas Flanagan, The Irish Novelists 1800-1850 (1959)
J. W. Foster ‘Revisitations: Criticism and Benedict Kiely’ (2009)
Colonial Consequences: Essays on Irish Literature and Culture (1991)
The e Irish Novels 1890-1940: New Bearings in Culture and Fiction (2008)
James Hardiman Introduction to Irish Minstrelsy, or Bardic Remains (1831)
Barbara Hayley

Foreword to Carleton’s Traits and Stories (1979)

Maurice Harmon Introduction to William Carleton (1973)
‘First Impressions: 1968-78’ (1979)
Seamus Heaney

from Preoccupations (1980)
“The Power of T. S. Eliot” (1989)
Redress of Poetry (1995)


“Unhappy and at Home”: interview with Seamus Deane (1977)
Interview with David Hanly (1999)
Interview with Dennis O’Driscoll (Lannon Foundation 2003)
Stepping Stones (2008) - interviews with Dennis O’Driscoll

Patrick Kavanagh
“Poetry in Ireland To-Day” (The Bell, 1948)
“The Parish and the Universe” (Kavanagh's, 1952)
“The Irish Tradition” (The Bell, Sept. 1953)
“From Monaghan to the Grand Canal” (Studies, 1959)
“Nationalism and Literature” (Non-plus, Oct. 1959)
Margaret Kelleher ‘Prose Writing and Drama in English, 1830-1890 [...]’ (2006)
Brendan Kennelly “Patrick Kavanagh” (1970)
“Flann O’Brien: An Beal Bocht” (1977)
Richard Kearney Myth and Motherland (1984) [pamph.]
The Irish Mind: Exploring Intellectual Traditions (1986)
Declan Kiberd
“Story-Telling: The Gaelic Tradition” (1979)
Anglo-Irish Attitudes [Field Day Pamph. 6] (1984)
“Culture and Barbarism: Heaney’s Poetry and Its Recent Critics’, (Autumn 1989)]
Inventing Ireland: The Literature of the Modern Nation (1995) [Notes]]
‘Growing Up Absurd: Edna O’Brien and The Country Girls’ (2005)]
‘Renaissance of past values key to better future’, (The Irish Times (Aug. 2010)
Benedict Kiely Writings on William Carleton (1947 & 1996)
J. Th. Leerssen Mere Irish & Fior-Ghael: Studies in the Idea of Irish Nationality [...] (1986)
Remembrance and Imagination (1996)
David Lloyd Anomalous State: Irish Writing and the Post Colonial Moment
Ireland After History (1999)
R. & M. Loebers Guide to Irish Fiction, 1650-1900 (2006)
Edna Longley ‘Not Guilty?’ in The Dublin Review, 16 (Autumn 2004)
John McGahern
Dubliners” (1990).
“The Image” (1991)
“What is My Language?” (2005)
Augustine Martin "James Stephens: The Crock of Gold" (1962)
"James Stephens: The Short Stories" (1963)
Gerardine Meaney ‘Sex and Nation: Women in Irish Culture and Politics’ (1993)
Vivian Mercier The Irish Comic Tradition (1962), Preface
“Irish Literary Revival” (1996)
John Montague “The Impact of International Modern Poetry on Irish Writing” (1972)
“A tribute to Patrick Kavanagh” (1967)
Munira Mutran ‘Wilde’s Thread in the Fabric of Decadent Art’ (1999)
‘The Mysterious Dimension of the Human Spirit’ in Barry’s Whistling Psyche’ (2005)
Frank O’Connor “The Future of Irish Literature” (1942)
“The Irish Short Story” (1957)
Norreys J. O'Conor
Changing Ireland: Literary Backgrounds for the Free State (1924) -
formats: .html .pdf .doc
Patrick Sheeran “A Brief Historical View” [in Novels of Liam O’Flaherty (1972)]
Esther K. Sheldon Thomas Sheridan of Smock-Alley (1967)
James Simmons ‘A Study of Three Works by Ulster Protestant Authors’ (1985)
W. B. Stanford Ireland and the Classical Tradition (1976)
Robert Welch “Language and Tradition in the Nineteenth Century” (1993)
“Irish Writing in English” (1996)
Kevin Whelan ‘The Memories of “The Dead”, in The Yale Journal of Criticism (2002) [.pdf]
‘Reading the Ruins’, in Surveying Ireland’s Past (2004)
Review of The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine (The Irish Times, 1 Sept. 2012)

Some Papers by Bruce Stewart (Ricorso Editor)

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Historical classics
James Connolly The Reconquest of Ireland (1915)
M. V. Duignan ‘Historical Introduction’ (Shell Guide to Ireland, 1967)
Rev. Matthew Kelly Introduction to Cambrensis Eversus (1850 rep. edn.)
D. D. Sheehan D. D. Sheehan, Ireland Since Parnell (1921)

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On ancient Irish literature
Nora Chadwick ‘Religion and Mythology’, in The Celts (1971) [Chap. 6: Evidence of the Celts]
Myles Dillon ‘Celtic Religion and Celtic Society’ (1964)
[with Nora Chadwick,] The Celtic Realms (1967)
Charles Doherty ‘Kingship in Early Ireland’ (2005)
Douglas Hyde “Early Irish Literature”, in Irish Literature (1904)
Prionsias Mac Cana
Celtic Mythology (1970)
  Chap. 2: “Gaulish Gods & Insular Equivalents”
Chap. 3: “The Tuatha Dé Danann”
Chap. 4: “The Goddesses of the Insular Celts”
Chap. 5: “The Heroic Tradition”
Chap. 6: “Sacral Kingship”
Chap. 7: “The Otherword”
Chap. 7: “The Integral Tradition”
“Early Irish Ideology and the Concept of Unity” (1984)
R.A.S. MacAlister The Latin & Irish Lives of Ciaran (1921)
Séamus Mac Mathúna ‘Paganism and Society in Early Ireland’, in The Celtic Connection (1992)
Gerard Murphy Ossianic Lore and Romantic Tales of Medieval Ireland (1961)
Diarmuid Ó Giollain Locating Irish Folklore: Tradition, Modernity, Identity (2000)
Dáithí Ó hÓgain The Hero in Irish Folk History (1985) - Conclusion
Pádraig Ó Riain ‘Early Irish Literature’, in The Celtic Connection, ed. G. Price (1992)
See also ...
J. P. Cohane The Indestructible Irish (1969)
... against the grain

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Note on Copyright
The copyright associated with the texts listed here belongs to their authors. It is hoped that at some future date electronic editions of these and other critical writings at Ricorso will be authorised, with benefit to their owners as well as the visitors to this web site. In the meantime, all the files listed here will remain inaccessible except by password and only to those closely associated with the Ricorso project. Application can be made by email, but no guarantee can be given that access will be allowed.

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