The Wild Irish Girl: A National Tale


Sydney Owenson
[afterwards Lady Morgan]

[ Epigraph ]

Questa gente benche mostra selvagea
E pur gli monte la contrada accierba
Nondimento l’e dolcie ad cui l’assagia.

‘This race of men, tho’ savage they may seem,
The country, too, with many a mountain rough,
Yet are they sweet to him who tries and tastes them.’

—Fazio Delli Uberti’s Travels through Ireland in the 14th Century

Volume I Introductory Letters
Letter I
Letter II
Letter III
Letter IV
Letter V
Letter VI
Letter VII
Letter VIII
Volume II    
  Letter IX
Letter X
Letter XI
Letter XII
Letter XIII
Letter XIV
Letter XV
Letter XVI
Letter XVII
Letter XVIII
Letter XIX
Letter XX
Letter XXI
Letter XXII
Letter XXIII
Volume III    
  Letter XXIV
Letter XXV
Letter XXVI
Letter XXVII
Letter XXIX
Letter XXX

Source: Sydney Owenson website [online; available 2010, defunct 2015].

[ A digital copy of the 1808 Boston edition is available at Google Books - online; the Hartford edition of 1855, devoid of the 1846 author’s preface, is held at Internet Archive - online. There is a Google Books display of parts of the Oxford Classics reprint, edited by Kathryn Kirkpatrick (1999) - online. The novel was edited by Claire Connolly for Pickering & Chatto in 1997. ]


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