James Clarence Mangan, “Hussey’s Ode to the Maguire”
(from the Irish of Ó hEochaisaidh)

Slowly through the tomb-still streets I go -
Morn is dark, save one swart streak of gold -
Sullen rolls the far-off river’s flow,
And the moon is very thin and cold.

Long and long before the house I stand
Where sleeps she, the dear, dear one I love -
All undreaming that I leave my land,
Mute and mourning, like the moon above!

Wishfully I stretch abroad mine arms
Towards the well-remembered casement-cell cont.

Fare thee well! Farewell thy virgin charms!
And thou stilly, stilly house, farewell!

And farewell the dear dusk little room,
Redolent of roses as a dell,
And the lattice that relieved its gloom
And its pictured lilac walls, farewell!

Forth upon my path! I must not wait
Bitter blows the fretful morning wind:
Warden, wilt thou softly close the gate
When thou knowest I leave my heart behind?



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