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Portrait of John Millington Synge
Synge's Aran Photographs
Some Originals (TCD Collections)
The Aran Islands (1907) - pages
Source for “killed his da”
Last Page of The Aran Islands
Poems and Translations (1909) - Extract
JBY - Illustrations for Aran Islands (1907)
JBY -Wicklow and West Kerry (1910)

Portraits of John Millington Synge

Synge (1) Synge(2)

Synge by John Butler Yeats
John Millington Synge by John Butler Yeats

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Synge's Aran Photographs

Wallet 1
Wallet 1
Wallet 4
Wallet 5
Wallet 8
Photographs taken on Aran by J. M. Synge and held among the Synge Papers at TCD Library.
The photographs were reproduced in My Wallet edited by Ann Saddlemyer (1965) and have
been displayed at Trinity College Library on later occasions.

Some Originals (Special Collections - TCD Library, Dublin)

Launching Curagh
Spinning Women
Family Group

See Trinity College, Dublin [Ireland] - Digital Collections online; accessed 01.06.2019.

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Page Images from The Aran Islands

Agile Walk (p.16)

The Aran Islands (Dublin: Maunsel & Company Ltd. 1912, p.29.)

Throb of Pain (p.37)


Source for “killed his da”


The Aran Islands (Dublin: Maunsel & Company Ltd. 1912)

Women of Aran (20
Last Page of The Aran Islands (1907; from Works 1910, Pt IV, p.99).
Last page


Poems and Translations (Dublin: Maunsel 1909)
Poems and Translations


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Illustrations by Jack B. Yeats

The Aran Islands (1907)

2. The Pier
3. The Hooker
4. Kelp Making
5. The Evictions
6. Carrying seaweed
7. Four-oared curagh
8. Real heavy ..
9. Porter
10. Island Horseman
111. Thatching
12. The Man Who tells the Stories

Wicklow and West Kerry (1910)

Wicklow & West Kerry (front)
A Wicklow Vagrant
Man of the Glens
The Circus
The Strand Race
The Ferryman of Dinish Island
The Boat Builder
A Small Town
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