Portraits of James Joyce - An Album

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Commented gallery of Joyce with Sylvia Beach
at Shakespeare and Company (Paris)

— as attached.

Joyce in 1888 (aged 6)
Joyce as a graduate (1903)
Joyce in 1904 (aged 22)

Joyce family John Stanislaus Joyce

Left to right: May Joyce and some homes occupied by the family in good circumstances;
Joyce with his parents (1888); Joyce’s father in old age

Nora Barnacle in 1916
Nora in 1920

Joyce in Zurich
Joyce in 1915 (Zurich)
Joyce in Trieste
Joyce in Zurich (1915)

with Sylvia Beach, 1921
Joyce with Sylvia Beach (Shakespeare & Co., Paris), 1922

Joyce by Augustus John (1930)
Joyce in Paris, 1934
Joyce in 1939 (by Gisèle Freund)

Joyce, Georgio, Nora, Lucia

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