Irish Studies Review, Vol. 10, No. 3 (December 2002)


ARTICLES: Heather Ingman, Edna O’Brien: Stretching the Nation’s Boundaries [253] Isobel Ryan, Poetic Place and Geographical Space: An Analysis of the Poetry of M!iirtin O Dire!iin [267] Hazel Hynd, Celtic Rivals: John Davidson and W. B. Yeats [277] Kavita Philip, Race, Class and the Imperial Politics of Ethnography in India, Ireland and London, 1850-1910 [289] David Kennedy, Mound-dwellers and Mummers: Language and Community in Seamus Heaney’s Wintering Out [303] Gillian McIntosh, A Performance of Consensus? The Coronation Visit of Elizabeth II to Northern Ireland, 1953 [315]

REVIEWS/HISTORY AND POLITICS [331] The Cambridge Union and Ireland 1815-1914 by Ged Martin; reviewed by Melissa Fegan An Irish Working Class: Explorations in Political Economy and Hegemony, 1800-1950 by Marilyn Silverman, reviewed by Mark Farmer The Tourist’s Gaze: Travellers to Ireland 1800-2000 edited by Glen Hooper, reviewed by Melissa Fegan Irish Migrants in Britain, 1815-1914: A Documentary History, ed. Roger Swift, reviewed by Graham Davis British Opinion and Irish Self-government 1865-1925: From Unionism to Liberal Commonwealth by G. K. Peatling; reviewed by Patrick Maume The Decline of the Big House in Ireland. A Study of Irish Landed Families 1860-1960 by Terence Dooley, reviewed by Maura Cronin Past and Present: History, Identity and Politics in Ireland by Brian Walker, reviewed by Brendan Bradshaw Multi-culturalism: The View .from the Two Irelands by Edna Longley and Declan Kiberd; reviewed by Gerry Smyth Paramilitary Imprisonment in Northern Ireland. Resistance, Management, and Re-lease by Kieran McEvoy, reviewed by Mark Radford People Power? The Role of the Voluntary and Community Sector in the Northern Ireland Conflict by Fergal Cochrane and Seamus Dunne; reviewed by Paul Burgess.

REVIEWS/LITERATURE [345]: The Cock and Anchor, Being a Chronicle of Old Dublin City, ed. Jan Jedrzejewski; reviewed by Victor Sage W77.itman and the Irish by Joanna Krieg, reviewed by Karen Karbiener Modernism and the Celtic Revival by Gregory Castle; reviewed by Aidan Arrow-smith Lady Gregory’s Toothbrush by Colm Toibin; reviewed by Scott Boltwood Beckett’s Eighteenth Century by Frederick N. Smith, reviewed by Joseph McMinn Beckett and Eros: Death of Humanism by Paul Davies, reviewed by Peter Boxall The Poetic Economies of England and Ireland, 1912-2000 by Dillon Johnston, reviewed by Michael Faherty Elizabeth Bowen: The Later Fiction by Lis Christensen, reviewed by Peter Kuch Brian Friel: Decoding the Language of the Tribe by Tony Corbett, reviewed by Linden Peach John Banville: Exploring Fictions by Derek Hand, reviewed by Kersti Tarien Seamus Heaney: Creating Irelands of the Mind by Eugene O’Brien, reviewed by Linden Peach Ireland’s Others: Gender and Ethnicity in Irish Literature and Popular Culture by Elizabeth Butler Cullingford: reviewed by Peter Kuch Electric Light by Seamus Heaney, reviewed by Ruben Moi Misery Hill by David Wheatley and Day Release by Aidan Rooney-Cespedes, reviewed by Conor Carville An Irish Literary Dictionary and Glossary by Richard Wall; reviewed by James E. Doan Modern Irish Poetry: A New Alhambra by Frank Sewell; reviewed by Alan Titley.