Eire-Ireland (Spring 1973) Vol.8 No. 1

Editor: Eóin McKiernan. Associate Editor: Henry F. Beechhold. Assistant Editors: Seán McMahon and Lawrence O'Shaughnessy.

‘"Ireland at the U.N."’, by Thomas A. Mulkeen [3] ‘A German View of Anglo-lrish Relations in 1800: Friedrich Von Gentz on the Act of Union’, by Dr. M. A. Bond. [13] ‘The Irish Language and Tudor Government’, by Donald Jackson. [21] ‘Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore’, by Francis N. Mayer [29] ‘Daniel Corkery and Irish Cultural Nationalism’, by Lawrence J. McCaffrey [5] ‘A Reconsideration: Daniel Corkery and His Ideas on Cultural Nationalism’, by Emmet Larkin [42] ‘The Bending of the Bough and the Heather Field: Two Portraits of the Artists’, by Patricia McFate [52] ‘The Artful Failure of George Moore's Plays’, by Paul A. Newlin [62] ‘Heroic Strivings in The Playboy of the Western World’, by Leslie D. Foster [85] ‘A Manuscript Letter from Michael Banim (1874)’, by W. J. McCormack [95] ‘Keylessness, Sex and the Promised Land: Associated Themes in Ulysses’, by Deborah Tannen Paterakis [97] ‘Pages from an Irishman's Diary’, by Pádraig Ó Maidín [109] Current Themes ‘Strength from the Earth’ [114] ‘"Quick Bright Things . . . ."’ [117] ‘The Economic Development of the Gaeltacht’ [124] Notes and Queries ‘Ethnic Drama Research’ [131] ‘Irish Postage Stamps’ [132] Book Reviews [133]