James Simmons, ed., Ten Irish Poets (Cheadle: Carcanet 1974), 92pp., Introduction; Acknowledgements and Notes on Contributors.

CONTENTS: George Buchanan [‘Conversation with Strangers’; ‘A Wave of Joy’; ‘War-and-Peace’; ‘Philanthropy’; ‘The Animals’]; John Hewitt [‘An Irishman in Coventry’; ‘Gathering Praties’; ‘A Victorian Steps Out’; ‘O Country People’; ‘Because I Paced my Thought’; ‘The Scar’; ‘An Ulster Landowner’s Song’; ‘From the Tibetan’]; Padraic Fiacc [‘Dirge’; ‘First Movement’; ‘The Poet and the Night’; ‘The Other Man’s Wound’; ‘Alive Alive O’; ‘Gloss’; ‘The British Connection’; ‘The Black and the White’; ‘Enemies]; Pearse Hutchinson [‘Connemara’; ‘Lovers’; ‘Bright after Dark’; ‘A Rose and a Book for Sant Jordi’; ‘Fleadh Cheoil’; ‘A Man’; ‘The Nuns at the Medical Lecture’]; James Simmons [‘Ode to Blenheim Square’; ‘Join Me in Celebrating’; ‘A Good Thing’; ‘Husband to Wife’; ‘Letter to a Jealous Friend’; ‘Experience’; ‘Outward Bound’; ‘Old Gardener’; Me and the World’]; Michael Hartnett [‘The Person Nox Agonistes’; ‘The Poet as Black Sheep’; ‘Crossing the Iron Bridge’; ‘The Lord Taketh Away’; ‘The Night before Patricia’s Funeral ...’; ‘The Third Sonnet’; ‘A Small Farm’; ‘The Person as a Dreamer’; ‘All That is Left’]; Eileán ní Chuilleanáin [‘Early Recollections’; ‘Death and Engines’; ‘Evidence’; ‘The Apparition’; ‘The Second ‘Voyage’; ‘A Poem on Change’; ‘Ferryboat’; ‘Letter to Pearse Hutchinson’; ‘Swineherd’]; Michael Foley [‘Recruiting Song’; ‘Heil Hitler’; from ‘Instead of a Rose’; ‘The Fall of the Bedsitter King’; ‘O’Driscoll’; from ‘A la Recherche du Temps Perdu’; ‘Autumn Leaves’; ‘I Feel, These Days’; ‘Into the Breach’; ‘I’m Scared ...’ Sois Sage ...’]; Frank Ormsby [‘Business as Usual’; ‘Interim’; ‘Winter Offerings’; ‘In Great victoria Street’; Floods’; ‘Dublin Honeymoon’; ‘Hair Horseworm’; ‘Three Domestic Poems’; ‘Onan’; ‘McQuade’; ‘Castlecoole’; ‘An Uncle Remembered’; ‘Virgins’]; Tom Matthews [‘Restless’; ‘The Singing Lady’; ‘Anton the Elephant Boy’; ‘Young Girl’s Diary’; ‘Robert Sat’; ‘The Cowboy Film’; ‘Tom’s Song’; ‘Geriatric’; ‘The Poet with Bad Teeth’; ‘Foolstop’; ‘L’Enfant Fatigue’; ‘Gustav the Great Explorer’